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Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Analysis of This Offseason

My analysis of every offseaon move...

Zdeno Chara-5 years, 37.5 million-At 6-9, Chara is the tallest player in NHL history. He was the big name every team was after, and the Bruins got him. The Los Angeles Kings offered 8 million a year, but he decided Boston was a better fit. Chara will likely become captain of the team, and is going to provide great leadership. Chara is the big name defenseman the Bruins have lacked since Bourque. Chara will likely take up around 30 minutes of ice time and game, and will be paired with Brad Stuart. There are some concerns as to whether Chara can stop small forwards such as Martin St. Louis, but I don't think that will be a huge concern. Chara will provide leadership, grit, strength and overall talent. Look for Chara to put up around 45 points this season.

Marc Savard-4 year, 20 million-Now, this is a risky signing in some ways. Many people believe and well it's almost a fact, Savard only scored 97 points because he was on a line with Marian Hossa and Ilya Kovalchuk. I could dish out 50 assists with them on my side. But that aside, Savard will be playing with Murray and most likely Phil Kessel on the wings. Savard is a different type of playmaker than Thornton and some other centers are. He uses his speed and like to dish the puck quickly after receiving it, while Thornton and co. use their power to fight off other defenders. Savard has been known to sometimes be a pain to coaches, but hopefully that won't become a huge problem. Savard is known to be a one way player, not to play defense very well, but his offensive skills will make up for that. Look for Savard to get around 70-80 points this year.

Paul Mara-Aquired for Nick Boynton/3 years, 9 million- I personally liked this deal, but I also didn't. I thought Nick had the talent to become a solid defender on this league, but he was obviously unhappy in Boston, and needed to be dealt. Mara is a great talent, and at 27 years old, he is in his prime. Last season he put up 47 points with the Coyotes. Mara will be the power play specialist at the point, and will replace the duties Brian Leetch had last year. Obviously, he will do better than Leetch did. Mara will also provide leadership to the team, and will be the teams best offensive defenseman. The B's also have Brad Stuart who is considered offensive by many scouts. Mara will likely be paired with either Milan Jurcina or Mark Stuart. Look for Mara to be an offensive force at the blueline this season.

Phil Kessel-5th overall pick/3 years, 2,550,000-Kessel is only 18, so he, in reality, is about a year or two away from being an NHL quality player. But, saying that, he has tremendous talent, and at one point was ranked 1st overall in the draft with Sidney Crosby. Years down the road, we will be saying, wow what a bargain at the number 5 pick. Kessel will likely play LW with Savard and Murray. He will be in contention for Rookie of the Year, and is known as a goal scorer. His coaches believe he has the talent and ability to become a NHL superstar. At times, Kessel is known to be a nucense to coaches with his attitude, but Dave Lewis should be able to handle him, and Kessel seams eager to learn in the NHL. Kessel could pot around 20 goals, and dish out around 20-30 assists. Kessel will take time to develope, but in a year or two, he will be the face of the franchise.

Shean Donovan-2 years/1,950,000-Donovan is known as a great 3rd line winger, who is like P.J. Axelsson, except a little better offensivly. Donovan is known to go on scoring streaks, but also known to go on cold streaks. Donovan will definately see a lot of PK time, and will play 3rd line RW with Wayne Primeau and P.J. Axelsson. Together, they will all provide one of the best checking lines in the NHL, with the ability to score late in games. Donovan posted a career best 42 points in 2003 with the Flames. He has the ability to score around 25-30 points with the people around him. Donovan will provide leadership and grit. Making just under a million bucks, Donovan will become known as a bargain to the team, and a important piece to the puzzle.

-Mark Mowers-2 years/975,000-Known as a 4th liner in Detroit, he also split time in the AHL, was signed by the Bruins this offseason. Mowers will not put up a lot of points, on a good year, 10. But, as you all know, Lewis was a coach in Detroit and is familiar with Mowers. Mowers will provide veternship and leadership in a locker room with many new faces and young kids. Mowers will likely see some time of the PK unit, and will either play C or RW on the 4th line. He could be like last years Tom Fitzgerald.

-Wade Brookbank-1 year/450,000-Wade will likely play most of the season in Providence and with a lot of young depth at the forward (Klaus, Karsums, Walter, Stastny), may only play in about 5 or 10 games this season. Last season, Brookbank played in Vancouver and is known as a tough guy. Brookbank was brought in to provide grit and intimidate opposing players. Brookbank isn't going to score many goals, but will rack up the PIM.

-Jason York-1 year/500,000-York will likely be in the role as either a 6th or 7th defenseman. He will fight with Nathan Dempsey to get the 6th defensive spot while Mark Stuart is out. York played in Europe last season, but the Bruins liked what they say and decided to take a chance on this guy. York also used to play for the Sens, where Peter Chiarelli worked, so he is familiar with him also. York, in his prime, could put up around 30-35 points, but we likely won't see that from him this season. He will play part time duty, and when in the lineup, could possibly see some PP time and PK time.

-Nathan Dempsey-1 year/450,000-Dempsey, like York, will be in the role as a 6th or 7th defenseman. Dempsey played for the LA Kings last year, and put up 13 points in 53 games. Dempsey is capable of putting up 25-30 points like he did in Chicago a few years back, but he will likely spend most of his time in Providence. Dempsey will add the depth at the blueline.

-Tuukka Rask-Acquired for Andrew Raycroft-Razor was having a tough time in Boston, from going from ROY to 3rd string goalie behind Tim Thomas and Hannu Toivonen. Razor was dealt draft night to Toronto, in a deal that the Leafs may either be glad they did, or kicking themselves in the head (aka Brad Boyes for Owen Nolan). Tuukka Rask is arguably the best puck stopping goalie in the world. He is 2-3 years away from making it into the AHL, and he is only 18 years old. As many of you know, I want to trade Rask, but I only really want to trade him if we can get a young, but proven talent such as Brian Gionta, Simon Gagne or a Vincent Lecalvier. Rask will become an all-star goalie by 2010, and once again, the Leafs will be kicking themselves in the head.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

no insite on petr tenkrat?

10:32 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

I am not doing prospects, I only did Rask because he was traded for by a NHLer. I will probably end up doing prospects next week, but I am also looking for a writer to write about them.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Luc Dufour said...

Petr Tenkrat is almost 30 years old. He is certainly not a prospect.

11:11 AM  
Blogger BomberDrz said...

Tenkrat has played in the NHL already and is said by many magazines to be very much improved since he was last seen in the NHL.

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

statsny was traded for an "nhler"

8:05 AM  

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