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Friday, September 08, 2006

News and Rumors Galore

Have been busy lately, and it doesn't help the market and news is slower than molases out there. Anyways, until preseason and the beginning of the season, I will not be posting as regulary as I usually do. I will try to post 1-3 times a day, but sometimes I may go 2 days without posting. Anyways, we do have a new poster on board, Latrappe. Great news! Back to the signings...

-The Atlanta Thrashers resigned G Kari Letinen to a 2 yr/3.7 million dollar deal. 1.5 in '06 and 2.2 in '07.
-The Buffalo Sabres resigned G Ryan Miller to a 3yr/8 million dollar deal.
-The Anaheim Ducks resigned G Ilya Bryzgalov to a new 2yr/2.36 million dollar deal. 1 in '06 and 1.36 in '07.
-The Vancouver Canucks signed F Andrew Burrows to a 3yr/1.5 million dollar deal.
-Jason King has left Canucks training camp after rejecting the Canucks contract offer.
-The Tampa Bay Lightning announced former Bruins Tim Taylor will be the new captain of the team. He will take over from former C Vincent Lecalvier who was stripped of the C last year. Assistant C's will be Lecalvier and Brad Richards, who signed a bonafied deal this offseason with the Bolts.


-The Devils are looking at signing Jim Dowd to a 1 year deal.
-The Habs are interested in D Jason Wooley.
-The Canucks may pass on Radek Dvorak, who could sign with the Rangers.
-The Leafs are passing on Anson Carter, and they will stick with Matt Stajan.
-Brian Leetch will probably end up signing in New York, and it could be announced this week. If things fall apart, either retirment or Boston (who has had no intention of resiging him) are options.
-Simon Gagne could be dealt if the two sides don't come to an agreement, or he could sit the entire year and test the market next summer.

Devils News...

It is very unlikely the Devils will be able to clear Mogiliny and Malakhov off the cap, so it seems Lou will have to shed payroll and fast. Rumor is he is willing to deal Sergei Brylin and John Madden. Madden is unlikely because he is the leader on that team. Madden makes just over 3 million this season for 3 more seasons, and Brylin makes around 2.5 million for this season. Lou will do whatever it takes not to deal Gomez (5 million) or Gionta (3.5 probably), but he may have no other choice. Also, the Oilers are interested in acquring Martin. The Devils still need to resign Gionta, Hale, and Martin, and are currently at around 48 million on the 44 million cap. Good luck Lou!


Blogger Nfld77 said...

Well, it looks like he went under "anomymous" this time..How often does rumours actually come true??But they're still lots of fun..

8:27 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

Actully, I was reporting rumors I heard. And I clearly stated to pretty much DISMISS THIS RUMOR, try reading my friend. Also, come on, I started this site in August, where are all the rumors? Theres only so many. Why don't you go start your own site, and see how many rumors you get right. HENCE THE NAME RUMOR!!! Only about 20% of rumors come true.

10:14 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

How about this, I'll report rumors after the player has signed so I can get ALL OF THEM right.

-Rumor is the Bruins will sign Zdeno Chara to a 5 year deal.

-Word is the Sens will trade Martin Havlat to Chicago.

any better for you now?

10:30 AM  

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