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Friday, September 08, 2006

An Overwhelming Overhaul

When I heard the news that Mike O’Connell got fired, it was like Santa Claus ringing at my door to announce that christmas would arrive sooner or an old nice lady generously brought back my winning lottery ticket that Iv’e lost on the street. For a second, I was dreaming, but brutaly got awakened by Jacobs Jr. and his praising of Jeff Gorton. Do I get another portion of the Jacobs special plate. A different speech, same old guy???

Well, things were different this time and thanks to a couple of factors, Fans and Media reactions, the Jacobs plan was sent to dust. The fans base was angry and his hatred was probably at his maximum since nothing happened in Beantown, championship wise, for almost 25 years. This time, the fans were not ready to hearthe good’ol same speech as Jacobs promise a contending team for the 2005-2006 season with a disastrous result. When fans heard about the “ Gorton “ plan, they were all over it and the message was loud and clear. Blow the whole thing up, we want a clean slate. The Boston media was all over it too, with Dupont leading the charge against an organization where improvisation, incompetence and lack of passion for the game were so evident. There becomes a point where hockey writers around NHL simply destroyed Jacobs and his “ master plan" which consisted to have 3 players under contract and give a white card to a General manager who was the major running gag around the league. At this point, Jacobs had simply no choice, a major overhaul or a bunch of empty seats.

The hiring of Peter Chiarelli was the first of many good steps and sent a clear signal that the fans were getting something they hadn't receive for quite a while in Beantown: “ We will hire competent people outside of our organisation to give us a fresh look. This fresh look philosophy targeted the coaching aspect of the team and because Chiarelli was not from the organization, the new GM could hired someone from outside and who can bring ideas, strategy, competence, and experience. All those qualities that a good coach should have. Sorry Mike, you didn’t have those and that’s why you got the gate and why Dave Lewis is in charge right now. With a young team, this choice is a wise one, especially when you know how many seasons Lewis spended in a winning organization. Winning, a word that all B’s fans on this earth are eager to hear day after day. This fact should not be overlooked because let’s face it, you learn from winners and you learn the good things. This organization was plagued way too long with losers who only brought a “ country club" atmosphere who could bring money for sure but couldn't win any championship… The hiring of Jim Benning is another great move who will assure the organization that they will be sharp and quick to recognize talents which was definitely a weakness for the last 25 years. This new philosophy will bring a bowl of fresh air when all of the sudden the team decided to not exploit to death players under their control and, instead, reward them for their on ice performances. Make no mistake this strategy costs more to the team short term but will indeed send the signal that players are invited, when their contract expired, to re-sign with the team. Does anyone remember the Knuble-Rolston episode?

The good ’ol Harry dismissal was well announced by Jeremy Jacobs who simply stabbed the old man in the back when he said that nobody was eternal. Do we wish that this statement could apply to Jacobs himself? Sure ! But what can we say about Sinden who had a real passion for the game but became a villain through the years Jacobs. Sinden was the face of the organization but he was the symbol on the worst an hockey team that could be use to make money. Sinden will always be perceived as the "cheap" guy who refuse to pay to get a championship. Yes the man who cannot confront his boss in order to keep his job. A sad perception for a guy who did a decent job in the late 80's.

Once again, Jacobs got away with it this time but did he really? When I look at this summer, with all the changes on the front office, with the perspective, for Jacobs, to see empty seats, do the fans finally get the last laugh? At this point things are very positive, we didn’t hear the name of Jacobs more then 10 times this summer, words like holdout, malcontent and cancer lockeroom are absent. Finally, in September, we speak about the reason why we are following the B’s, hockey. Yes, ladies and gentlemans hockey. It was time for a change, a well welcome change, where money will play on the 4th line. Isn’t a great change?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is very poorly should consider an editor before posting...secondly much of your reasoning is completely flawed.... its like you are trying to look at something from very far away and you do not understand that what has been handed to you is a kaleidoscope not a telescope.

7:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be unconstructive, but reading this was painful. It's difficult to follow and the grammer is very poor--as is the logic. Sorry.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Latrappe said...

Maybe it's because english in not my monther tongue...

9:51 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

Hey guys, don't be so rude. English his is second language, so imagine writing an article like this in French or Spanish. Yes it would be dreadful. I have edited the piece so you can all stop ranting on Latrappe. Come on guys, welcome him to the site.

10:06 AM  
Blogger Nfld77 said...

Welcome aboard Latrappe..Long time, no chat..Read your fine article with interest..Pretty well sums up how the average Bruin fan feels..

Matt, I'm having a tough time getting into chat here..Maybe it's Java??

2:24 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

nfld77, I'll check it out, may just be the bravenet site or your internet connection.

2:37 PM  

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