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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday's Latest Trade Rumors

This just in from all our favoites, Eklund:
  • "I am pretty amazed at how much I am hearing Phil Kessel's name out there right now. I have heard a few teams that turned down a few offers. I do still think that Hossa for Kessel is the most likely scenario. The book on Kessel is that he is one dimensional. BUT HE IS 20! I talked to a source today who agreed with me noting another twenty-year-old who was given the same label: Steve Yzerman. Now I am not saying that Kessel will be anywhere near Stevie Y, but I do think he is FAR too talented to be traded for a rental player or some of the other player, even to teams Boston could play in the playoffs that he has been offered to according to reports.
  • The Philadelphia Flyers had offered up Jeff Carter for Tomas Kaberle earlier this week, which was nullified when Kaberle refused to waive his NTC. They also spurned a one-for-one swap of Carter for Boston's Phil Kessel. One reason the Flyers would move him is he's apparently a little too care-free on the ice. NHL Trade Rumors:
  • wrote that Atlanta GM Don Waddell has confirmed to receiving calls regarding Marion Hossa from 10 teams, one of them being the Bruins.
  • "The asking price for [Brain] Campbell is a player, a prospect and a No. 1 pick, according to the [Ottawa] Sun." - The B's are one of the teams to have made an offer.
Thoughts: Just as the line in Rounders folks, "Lot of action, lot of action." The Bruins are in the thick of the teams looking to buy. Chiarelli did a quick chat on in which he provided his thoughts regarding the deadline. Check it out here :


Blogger Matt said...

I would like Campbell, but they could never re-sign him and still have enough money to sign a top 6 forward.

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kessel-Murray-first rounder for Hossa and Reechi.....immidiatly sign Hossa to a 7 year deal with an avg. cap hit of 7-7.5mil. Mark Stuart to Nashville for Ryan Suter....extent Suter 3 years with an avg. cap hit of 4.75 mil. Sheafer to Detroit for a 3rd round pick. We give up some good young players with potential, but recieve a 29 year old forward who is familier with our captain and number 1 centre and a 23 year old puck moving defenceman who will shore up our power-play and loves to hit. Suter and Ference as a pairing would be pretty scary for forward lines everywhere. In the off-season retain Ward, Kobasew, Wideman, Metro to NHL deals and Nokelainen and Pelletier to 2way contracts. Retain Auld 2-way if he still comes cheap. Trade Alberts for a pick in the offseason.

Sturm Savard Hossa
Lucic Bergeron Kobasew
Axelsson Krejci Reechi*
Riech Metropolit Sobotka

Chara Wideman
Suter Ference
Ward Lashoff

*Reechi gone in offseason, replace with Karsums?
Still one top six winger short. possibilities include Vyborny, Rolston, Ryder, Samsonov, Hagman, Stillman, Prospal, Huselius. The cap hit is quite high already with the above team though.

1:18 PM  

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