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Friday, February 22, 2008

How are those big-named free agents doing?

Daniel Briere Flyers (8 years/52 million) PROJECTED: 30g, 47a, 76p.

Not bad considering a 6.5 cap hit, but thing. He is making 10 million this season. Not a bad season, but not worth 10 million.

Scott Hartnell Flyers (6 years/25.2 million) PROJECTED: 27g, 21a, 48p.

Not worth the 4.088 cap hit or the 5.2 million dollar salary. Hartnell was a 3.5 million type player, but not this. Not panning out well for the Flyers.

Kimmo Timonen Flyers (6 years/38 million) PROJECTED: 10g, 31, 41p, -10 +/-.

Need I say more? An 8 million dollar salary, and production of a number 2-3 defenseman. Timonen has been bad this season, actually, one of his worst seasons since 2000-2001. He is 32 and won't be getting better.

Todd Bertuzzi Ducks (2 years/8 million) PROJECTED: 16g, 23a, 39p.

Not worth 4 million a season. Bertuzzi is a nice player to have and is a good winger when healthy, but he is a shadow of his former self. Not a good signing for the money.

Ryan Smyth Avalanche (5 years/31.25 million) PROJECTED: 15g, 23a, 38p.

Seemed like a good signing at the time, but could this be another Avlanche signing gone wrong? (Selanne, Kariya). Smyth hasn't been the impact player many wanted, and some Avs fans want him out.

Thomas Vanek Sabres (7 years/50 million) PROJECTED: 31g, 26a, 57p. For 10 million, not worth it, but there was no choice after losing Briere and Drury (who also make this list). Vanek is not playing as well as last season, and isn't worth the average 7.1 million per season.

Dustin Penner Oilers (5 years/21.25 million) PROJECTED: 23g, 25a, 58p.

Average winger numbers. He is young, so it is too early to tell. It isn't like he is making huge money. But you have to consider the possible lottery pick it costed to get him.

Michal Handzus Kings (4 years/16 million) PROJECTED: 7g, 17a, 24p.

For 4 million per, you have to be kidding me. One of the worst signings in the offseason. Handzus has done nothing for the Kings. Metropolit making 500,000 is doing more than him.

Dainius Zubrus Devils (6 years/20.4 million) PROJECTED: 12g, 27a. 39p. Not great for Zubrus. 5 more seasons of this could be costly for the Devils. Another bad signing in Lou's new NHL Devils career.

Bill Guerin Islanders (2 years/9 million) PROJECTED: 26g, 21a, 47p.

Not too bad, but for 4.5 I would expect more. He is their captain though and I don't think it is as bad a signing as I thought in July.

Scott Gomez Rangers (7 years/51.5 million) PROJECTED: 17g, 59a, 77p.

Not worth 10 million or the 7+ million cap hit per season. Not a bad season, but lacks the goal scoring. One could easily say Gomez is overpaid and like I said when they signed him, overrated.

Chris Drury Rangers (6 years/42.3 million) PROJECTED: 26g, 32a, 58p.

Again, not a bad season, something you would expect from Drury, but he isn't worth 7.1 million per season. Overpaid and overrated.

Roman Hamrlik Canadiens (4 years/22 million) PROJECTED: 4g, 22a, 26p, 3 +/-.

For 5.5 million per, I would like a higher plus minus. I know Hamrlik isn't an offensive guy, but he hasn't played well this season.

Sheldon Souray Oilers (5 years/27 million) PROJECTED: 4g, 10a, 14p, -10 +/-.

Enough said.

Paul Kariya Blues (3 years/18 million) PROJECTED: 21g, 49a, 70p.

Not worth 6 million, but Kariya has helped the Blues and teammates like Boyes and so on. A decent signing.

Jason Blake Maple Leafs (4 years/20 million) PROJECTED: 15g, 33a, 48p.

That is what Jason Blake is. At best he is a 30 goal scorer. Look, Blake is 34, and you signed him for 4 season? Come on. Bad signing all around. What was JFJ thinking? Guess that is why he is out as GM.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

People in Toronto laughed at me when the Bruins signed Chara for 7.5 mil a season and Savard for 5. Look who does all the laughing now. Boston seemed to have got that one right. Chara will keep getting better as a Bruin and so will those who play with him. Like Wideman this year and likely Lashoff next year.

8:45 PM  
Anonymous David said...

You should have included Games Played, Souray and Smyth's numbers are greatly skewed due to injury.

10:33 AM  

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