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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bruins' Way Too Defensive

How big is the disparity between the Bruins’ record and their peripheral numbers?

– The Bruins have allowed four or more goals in a game 25 times, including 21 games of five or more goals allowed
– They’ve allowed three goals 14 times
– They’ve allowed two goals or less just 14 times

– Offensively, they’ve scored four or more goals themselves just 17 times
– They’ve scored three goals 13 times
– They’ve scores two goals or less 23 times

– 16 of their 24 wins have been by one goal
– Six have been by two goals
One has been by three goals and one has been by five goals

– Nine of their 25 regulation losses have been by four goals or more, including three by five goals, one by six and one by eight
– Eight other losses have been by three goals
Only eight losses have been by two or less goals, including just three by one goal

– Their 24 wins have been by a combined 36 goals, an average margin of victory of 1.5 goals
– Their 25 regulation losses have been by a combined 80 goals, an average margin of 3.2 goals
- Info from Douglas Flynn, Herald Insider

Dave Lewis' theory of defense first is obviously not working. The Bruin's lack offense. With a lineup that lacks offensive skills from their 3rd and 4th lines, the defense must step up their game offensively and take more chances. They should join the rush late, pinch in the offensive zone more often, and take more shots from the blue line. It is apparent these forwards that Lewis continually throws out there cannot get it down. The numbers above are embarrassing


Anonymous McFly said...

Here is the thing Peeky... your suggestion is just the problem with this team. They can not play defense when they go on the offence. Please think about it a little bit. Why all the third period goals....Why all the lopsided loses. When this team trys to pinch, when they send the D, when they think they have an offence it ends up in their own net. We have seen the results of trying to be a more "offensive team" Do you remember opening night?

When do we see them throw all thier effort into offense?. Late in games and when they are down by two or more. When they do this it usually turns out poorly. Here is a typical loss for the Bruins. They get down by two by somewhere in the second period and they think they desperatly need to get those goals back and stop playing the responsible defensive game their coach has asked of them and they lose 5-2 or 4-1....

Now you are saying they should play this style the whole time....they do not have the talent in the 3rd and 4th line or the 2-6th D. Do not get me wrong thier top players are as good as anyone's but the guys you are crying to see more offense out of just are not good enough to provide offence they can barely provide an adequate enough defense.

10:18 PM  
Blogger Pekese said...

Good point. This team seriously lacks offense, which is apparent to anyone. But Paul Mara and Brad Stuart should be contributing more offensively. Mara especially, he was brought in here and expected to pot atleast 10-15 goals. He has 3. Our defense is not great, I would agree but they need to contribute alittle bit for this team to be successful. Most of the games in which we lose, we are already losing when the 3rd period comes anyways. I want to see them pinching early and contributing earlier than the third period. They should be looking to help the team out in the first period, not just the third. Mara, the "offensive defenseman" was brought in here to do so but has not done it all season. With Stuart gone our defense will struggle more offensively, lets hope the offense can pick it up.

3:37 AM  

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