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Friday, February 09, 2007

Post Game Notes

- Great game, except for the final 5 minutes of the second period. The Bruin's broke down and thats what made them lose the game. They outplayed the Hurricanes all night long. They could have won this game despite the breakdown. Very positive game overall, hopefully they can build on this game despite the breakdown at the end of the second period. Frustrating lose, but the Bruin's showed heart, emotion, and motivation for the majority of the game.

- Patrice Bergeron looked like he has gotten his game back. Every shift his line was on the ice they could have scored. This line was flying all night long and should remain in tact, due to the fact they had a scoring chance almost every shift they took. Brad Boyes looked like the Boyes of last season. He set up many plays for his linemates despite not recording any points. Kessel's confidence is rising and that is a very good thing. His potential is great and he is starting to really break out. This kid will be a star in the NHL very soon.

- Brandon Bochenski has played very well in his first two games for the Bruins. He finds the puck and has an act for scoring. Hopefully he stays on one of the top two lines because he will contribute and help this team score goals. Sky is the limit for him, I believe he can score 20 goals in this league easily.

- Primeau and the "checking line" did not see much of the 3rd period. Lewis played the more offensive players (Boyes, Bochenski, Kessel), something he has refused to do in the past when trailing.

- Stuart looked good despite the -2 on the night. He leads the team in +/-(-24 overall). He has been the most consistent defenseman behind Chara despite this stat. It would be nice for him to re-sign but it is very unlikely, look for him to be traded within the next week or so. Brad Stuart, a class act, wish the Bruin's had more defensemen like him.

- Props to Andrew Alberts who threw down with Scott Walker, despite the fact he did not want to. It was obviously instigated by Walker, who won the fight against Alberts. Alberts, still dealing with a swollen right cheek/eye from a shot he took of the face a week ago, still threw down despite this. He lost but at least he did not back down. That took guts. Alberts has been awesome all season.


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