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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Open Letter to Dave " The Genius " Lewis

I remember that, at the beginning of the season, i saw your hiring as a positive for the team. The fact that you were behind the bench with Bowman made me believe that you can really help this young team to reach the next level... How deceiving you are !

It doesn't came to your mind, when you were hired, that the B's were a young team and that you will have to deal with the possibility to put on the ice players who will hurt the team by their rookies mistakes. It is something that pass far away from your mind? I knew something was wrong when you said " You don't bench veterans because they know how to correct their mistakes ". I have to admit that this line was really good for the papers but, honnestly, that's the dumbest line i ever heard from a coach and i follow hockey for 25+ years. How on earth can you esthablished the accountability by the fact that a player is a veteran. It's dumb and that's, for sure, a receipe for disaster. In the case that you didn't noticed, your team is far away from a playoffs spot and guess what: the players are not afraid of you because they know that you're soft and that nothing will happend; to busy you are to bark at the moon avoiding to put any kind of confrontations with players who deserve to be confront. You talk a lot but you showed nothing so far; nothing AT ALL.

This team is a mediocre one and some of the blame have to be put on your stubborness to play veterans ( that's a love affair, uh? ) who hurt the team. I won't show you the stats but you know exactly of who i'm talking about, don't you? You don't have a clue, really??? What about your " energy " line who have the bad habit to take bad penalties in order to " energise " the other team. For how long will you refuse to put on the ice players who are not deep in the minus in order to win? It is that bad that those players wants to use their creativity to score and spark the offense? Why are you so fast to bench rookies who, " in your opinion ", kill the team. When will you buy a pair of b**** and bench those unproductive veterans instead of calling them " Big Preem ". Are you kidding me, Lewis??? It's professionnal sports; not a " Barney " fans congress where people sing " i love you; you love me. We are an happy family..".

And what about your system??? Well, may i ask what kind of system we are talking about here? Because let's face it: every player on this team is deeply in the minus. More puzzeling is the fact that you successfully turned some of our best players into 4th liner or 7th defenseman. How can explain that guys like Chara or Stuart looked so bad? It is possible that your system simply don't work. With an abyssal 75 goals allowed and a -35 differential in the 3rd period; it is possible that you have no clue, at all, about the defensive game. I'm waiting; waiting to hear a stupid quote to justify those sorry results because that's exactly what it is; sorry results.

Oh and, wait, i almost forgot: what about your great evaluation of our young talents?. Your team is out of the playoffs. Maybe the timing is right to play some of our young talents to know if they are NHL product. Evaluating means that they have to play more then 4min/game or goal 1 game out of 10. If i looked at your record, Lashoff, Stuart, Jurcina and Toivonen are not good enough for you. You lose confidence in them... Wake up!!! They are rookies; what did you expect??? That they will play like Chris Pronger or Wayne Gretzky in their first year... And what about the fact that you're not smart enough to put them in a position to succeed? Do you remember when you put 5 rookies on the ice at the same time and wonder why they had troubles... Please call Bowman; i'm sure he will help you.

Yes, hiring you was a incredible mistake. You bench young players and kill their confidence; you play veterans who hurt the team and still refuse to adjust yourself from the OLD to the NEW NHL. Let me add this: you're an incredible failure. From top to bottom, you're a failure and guess what: your team is looking exactly as you. Can't wait for the day that i will be able to say: See you later, alligator !


Blogger number4bobbyorr said...

You guys are so full of shit.

Wandering in here is like passing a car wreck. You all think you are so smart, but you don't know the first thing about Hockey and you don't know the first thing about being true fans. You think it's all about showing how much smarter you are than the pros! What a laugh! What a joke! Do you really believe you know better than the coach? Really? Have you even been in the locker room? Do you know the players? Have you ever coached an NHL team? Didn't think so.

Matt had a respectable rumors blog going here until he brought in you bunch of losers!

I LOVE THIS TEAM! Too bad you guys only love your own egos.

Funny I don't see any comments here anymore... notice that Matt?

When the B's win a playoff series someday, or even a cup --- you have no right to celibrate!

Ok, delete this one too.

12:24 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

I'll let it through, I just don't see where your coming from. No one said anything about knowing more than others, we just all have our opinions. No one is ripping anyone else down.

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Craig said...

n4bo, Why so angry? I actually enjoy this site since some of the new writers have come on. I question Lewis as well when it comes to his style of coaching, even though I try not to. I dont know what your trying to say in your post. Do you agree with the way Lewis coaches? How he uses his players? How the lines dont have chemistry? I agree sometimes they are very biased against Lewis, but he really has done a bad job of putting players in positions to succeed. Lewis does deserve some blame but so do the players.

2:51 PM  
Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

All I can say is the only insulting thing, is this guy using the name "number4bobbyorr"! The only person full of shit is this guy! I guess fans don't have the right to an opinion? Lewis is not a good coach! If he was, he would have won a Stanley Cup with the team Bowman left him. But maybe he played the veterans over the youngsters too much there as well?
To be honest, this guy is probably a Montreal fan trying to stir the pot here. To say he loves this team and then state that the rest of us are only loving our egos is a laugh! Because any fan of the Bruins right now is no way happy! And it has nothing to do with egos. I bleed black and gold, just like most of us here. So please don't try and question my, or any of our loyalties to the Bruins.
So bottomline... this guy is a joke! Stop being an ass, trying to make waves on here. Kind of funny the only post i've seen from you is this bogus crap.
By the way... learn to spell!!! (celebrate)

8:29 PM  

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