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Monday, February 05, 2007

Ranger Add Toughness: Acquire Avery

TSN Reports that The Los Angeles Kings have traded center Sean Avery and prospect John Seymour to the New York Rangers for right winger Jason Ward along with prospects Marc-Andre Cliche and Jan Marek.


Blogger Latrappe said...

They add toughness and a bomb in waiting. I wouldn't have trade for him.

7:27 PM  
Blogger Pekese said...

I would take him over Axelsson, Primeau, Mowers, Donovan, Chistov or Tenkrat. He may be a pain, but atleast he would bring energy to the team. Then again, I would take anyone over those five, especially because they all play similar roles and as a group do not add much to this team.

9:12 PM  
Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

I totally disagree with you pekese, with regards to Axelsson, Chistov and Tenkrat.
Mowers, Primeau and Donovan bring little to the team except for dumb penalties. The whole problem though is Lewis, not these players.
If Axelsson was put back on the checking line where he belongs, I think his defensive discipline would rub off on both Donovan and Primeau.
Tenkrat plays his a$$ off every time he gets on the ice. Which is the biggest problem.... he doesn't get enough ice time. Same goes for Chistov. The only thing Chistov is missing is a playmaking center. I see him as an upgrade on Samsonov. A speedy winger who can do amazing things with the puck, but needs decent help to produce.
Now don't get me wrong, Tenkrat is a third or fourth line winger, but he gives the team a spark when he gets out on the ice. Chistov though, has the potential to be a second line winger.
But again, everything falls back on Lewis. He needs to play his players to their potential. Not put the Geritol bunch (Primeau, Donovan, York, etc) on the ice for half the game. Why in the Blue Hell is Primeau, York, or Mowers on the ice when the Bruins are down a goal with only a few minutes left?
The lines need to be changed... something like this...


with the defense...
B. Stuart-Allen
Mara- M. Stuart

And when Sturm returns scratch Tenkrat.

Bottomline.... Lewis is to blame for the majority of the problems. Due you think he would think twice about benching Kessel, Chistov or Boyes if they took as many stupid penalties as his kiss asses do? I think we need to get a coach in here that shows some grit. That will make the team play with some toughness. And show some black and gold pride.
FIRE LEWIS and bring back O'Reilly! Have Neely as an AC as well as someone like Byers. You want coaches that will make the players be held responsible? These three could do it. And you can bet Terry would play Mark Stuart over York everyday... and twice on Sundays!
Sorry for the rant!

10:00 AM  
Blogger Walshie said...

I love this trade. I think this trade gets the Rangers into the playoffs. What did the Rangers lack all year toughness and physical play, exactly what Avery brings. Now they can get ride of Colton Orr who couldn't do anything but fight. Avery can play and fight. Brendan Shanahan loves the guy and played with him in Detroit. He can protect both Shanny and Jagr. Avery also leads the NHL in drawing PIM's which is great, beacuse the Rangers have a lethal PP. He is a high energy guy and the fans in NY will LOVE HIM. Not to mention his girlfriend is Elisha Cuthbert from the movie "the girl next door". Another reason New Yorkers should love him. He is a guy Boston needs high energy, will fight, fan fav., and can score a goal

11:51 AM  
Blogger Pekese said...

I always thought that Chistov could be a 2nd line winger as well. He could be a good contributer if Lewis gave him the ice time. I agree with you on the fact that Lewis just doesn't use them the way he should. Tenkrat does work extremely hard every shift, but he lacks overall talent. I use to be a fan of Axelsson, but what I have seen of him since his return has made me feel the Bruin's play better when he is out of the lineup. Mowers, Primeau, and Donovan are all the same type of players who should get only 10 minutes a game at most. I'm right there with you man, bring in O'Reilly and get this bum the hell outta town.

5:02 PM  
Blogger Pekese said...

bosbrn77, I like your thinking on the line combos, these would be mine:


5:04 PM  
Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

I think Axelsson's only problem is being on the wrong line. He is NOT a first liner. He should play the checking line where he has been best suited his entire career. Get him with Primeau and Donovan, and we could at least have a decent checking line to counter the other teams top lines.
How Lewis can put PJ on the top line ahead of Kessel, Boyes, Chistov, or Sturm is crazy.
I think the only change in your lines I would make is swapping Kessel and Tenkrat. I think Tenkrat's energy would be great on the top line, but I think Savard and Murray could provide the leadership and skills to put Phil over the top.
I think the Bruins just need to rid themselves of dead weight! And this time I'm not talking about York (mini-Gill)! I'm talking about Lewis!!!

6:53 PM  

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