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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bruins-Hurricanes Analysis

Finally a victory for the Bruin's. Chara and Murray had huge games, with Boyes finally scoring a goal. What a great pass from Savard to set up Boyes on a breakaway, the very second he stepped out of the box. I'm pumped the Bruin's won but this game was very poorly coached once again (surprised anyone?).

Ice Time Break Down

P.J. Axelsson -20:54; 5:49 on the powerplay. He should not be on the powerplay and especially not on the first unit. He also took two stupid penalties again.
Captain Hook Wayne Primeau - 16:57; 3:03 on the powerplay. He took 3 stupid penalties. This guy is ridiculous with the hooking. He looked good last game when he actually was hitting people but then all of a sudden he goes back to the constant hooking and no hitting. WHY does this guy get powerplay time. He hasn't recorded a single point in 10 games. How did he receive this much ice time when he was in the box for 6 minutes?
Petr Tenkrat 6:19 of ice time. Give the guy alittle bit more ice time, he got one shift on the PK so why not have him take Primeau's spot on the powerplay.
Stanislav Chistov-3:21. Obviously in the dog house with Lewis. Has the skills to be an offensive threat. Should be on a line with Bergeron and Kessel. Also should get ice time on the powerplay over Axelsson and Primeau.
Jeremy Reich -0:26. WOW, what a game for Reich. He got sent back to Providence today
Bobby Allen -7:33. Is a steady, stay at home defenseman, should have received a little more ice time to reduce Chara's workload.
Jason York -9:26. 9 minutes, 26 seconds too much ice time.
Phil Kessel -11:35; 2:03 on the powerplay. Why isn't he receiving more powerplay time? He should be playing at least 15 minutes a game overall. He has the skills, give him a chance.

This is the problem with the Bruin's, they use people in situations they should not be used in. Primeau and Axelsson take stupid penalties so they get more ice time? 5 penalties combined for these two, they both hurt the team on a nightly basis with these stupid penalties. What did they do to deserve more powerplay time? It is very, very sad seeing Primeau get more powerplay time than Kessel. Chara played nearly 33 minutes during this game, why doesn't Lewis use Allen a little bit more and take 3 minutes off of Chara's workload? Dave Lewis has the worst coaching style and continually overuses his players. Bergeron's lack of offense is probably due to the fact that he works his ass off every single game and plays nearly 25 minutes a game. Then he is paired with useless wingers like Axelsson who bring nothing offensively. Yes we won the game, but Lewis must realize 3 things:
1. 3rd and 4th liners do not belong on the powerplay. These guys have no offensive skills. The powerplay is designed for offense.
2. You cannot have Chara or Bergeron play the entire game because they do get tried too. Bergeron plays so hard every time he's on the PK. He just looks tired.
3. You have other players, who don't take dumb penalties like Axelsson and Primeau, who can actually skate and maybe score a goal here and there. But we will never be able to see these players because Lewis refuses to play them for more than 5 shifts a game.


Blogger Pekese said...

I forgot to add that Marc Savard is one of the only Bruin's who cares about this team. After Allen got hit from behind no one did anything. Savard, the leading scorer on the team, was the only one who came to his defense. Jason York, the veteran, sat there pulling a Peter the Patient and observed everything from 5 feet away and refused to do anything. WOW how I love York

5:56 PM  

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