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Monday, February 05, 2007

With a Healthy Lineup

Jeremy Reich got sent back to Providence and Brandon Bochenski will be with the team for Tuesday's game. However, it looks as if Marco Sturm and David Krejci both will miss that game. Once they return from injury it will be interesting to see what Lewis puts together. Here is the lineup I would really like to see:


This probably will not happen and Krejci will probably be sent back to Providence once he is healthy. If this was the lineup there would be two extra forwards (Mark Mowers and Petr Tenkrat). Without Krejci, the Bruin's will also have to make one more roster move and get rid of another forward. It will come down to Petr Tenkrat, Stanislav Chistov, and Mark Mowers. All three have one-way contracts, meaning they would have to clear waivers if they were assigned to Providence. Knowing Dave Lewis, the player who most likely will get waived will be Petr Tenkrat(29 years old). Stanislav Chistov, although in the doghouse with Lewis was acquired just this season and I doubt Chiarelli will give up on him so easily especially being only 23 years old, and the first actually player he has traded for since becoming GM. However, the player that should be waived is Mark Mowers, as he brings nothing to this team in any aspect and plays the same role as Primeau, Axelsson, and Donovan, and cannot score on an open net. But that will never happen because Dave Lewis is involved in a love triangle with him and Jason York.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One time and one time only. A little common sense. While Mowers does not have any touch. He has something that is very valuable to a coach. He is able to follow instructions and this can be a valuable role model for a team. He does what he is told to do and does it with a 100 percent effort everytime. If every other player especially the ones with some actual hands and skills did this then this team would actually be a competitor. Mark Mowers and Jason York are far from the problem on this team.

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