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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Easy Solutions

The Bruin's have some talent on their team, once fully healthy. Dave Lewis just does not utilize them well. He has the worst line combinations and overplays bad players. Here is what he should do:


First off, kick Mowers and Tenkrat to the curb. Both are not cutting it. Reich added more to the Bruin's in one game then Mowers has all season. Kessel will be great if he gets a chance to play with Savard. He'll put up points without doing much because Savard is a wizard. Bergeron needs someone who will shoot no matter what and that is what Bochenski does. He loves to shoot and Bergeron loves to pass. Since Lewis loves to play Axelsson on a scoring line, then put him out there with Boyes and Chistov and give them 15 minutes of ice time a night. Move Primeau and Donovan to the fourth line and give them 5-8 minutes a night, that way neither of them can have many opportunities to make a stupid play or take a lazy penalty. This gives the Bruin's three solid lines and then our "checking line". As for the powerplays, Primeau and Axelsson should never be on the ice. I love how Axelsson stands next to the goalie instead of in front of him to screen him. Here is what the PP should look like:
PP1- Murray-Savard-Sturm with Bergeron and Chara at the points.
PP2- Kessel-Boyes-Bochenski with Stuart and Mara at the points.


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