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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Brad or Joe?

The dust have settled a bit and after roaming through sites, boards and blogs, there's no definitive answer. Some fans though that PC did what he had to do and other fans find the trade as a poor return from the JT trade. But, honneslty, do this " JT poor return trade " is the right approach?

You cannot see this trade as the final result of MOC's blunder. It's more a consequence then anything else. You can't ask PC to clean the mess and " repare " the blunder who was made. It cannot be done. The homework was not done properly and it gave the according result. In fact, if MOC simply took Stuart and a very good young player/prospect, fans might look at this trade very differently. It's not Chiarelli's fault if MOC took three soon-to-be UFA for his franchise player. MOC judgement was bad and the ownership was more then willing to use MOC as their scapegoat. The fact that JJ was painted in the corner and forced to give 6 per to JT might be the real truth about the whole situation.

Honnestly, When you look at the trade, PC got two affordable young players ( under contract for 2 years, at least ) who can help the team now and for the next couple of years. Do they are superstars? Of course not but what can you expect when you sell two UFA??? Think about it: Stuart will be able to test the market and sign on the west coast and Primeau was bad , at the very best, for the B's. Calgary paid a good price for two rentals and there's no guarantee that those two rentals will work. In the long run, this trade might be better for the B's then anything else. It's always tough to evaluate a trade, especially when young players are involve.

PC wanted a young team and now, the process is on. Sturm might be the next to go and after his departure, the last chapter of the JT trade will be gone. But, don't make any mistake here: The JT trade was consumed when MOC accept Stuart, Primeau and Sturm as the return. It would be unfair to put Kobasew and Ference in a position where they will be considered as the " final " result for the JT trade. The final result should have been taken last year, not now.


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