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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Toughness Needed

With the trade of Brookbank, the Bruins do not have a natural fighter in the AHL or NHL. No Hoggan is not a fighter, he wears a visor and he cannot fight anyways. Last night the Bruins needed that tough guy presence. The cheap shot on Savard, the late hit on Bergeron and the high hit on Primeau. Jack Edwards said it himself, the Bruins do not want Chara to be the one who has to stand up for his teammates. The Bruins need a tough guy. If they do not have one then teams will continue to do whatever they can to affect our stars. We need someone to be able to stand up for them without taking an important player off the ice. We do not want Mara, Chara, or even Primeau to be fighting, it is time to get a tough guy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think so too, but it will need to be someone that can play useful minutes and contribute when not beating up people. I think Ian Laperriere is that guy. Yes he is annoying but he can be our annoying guy.

5:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree to some extent, but the B's need four good lines that are plus in the +/- column more. I think that's the conclusion the coaches came to as well, and I agree.

In the end, I think the "fighter" days are over and to tell you the truth I'm glad. The idea that some guy is on the roster just for his fighting cheapens hockey, making it like roller derby or something less than a true sport. I know that's not a popular point of view, but there you go. What we need is for all the B's to be tough together as a team, and I think we have seen that, so I'm satisfied.

9:51 PM  

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