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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bruins Win in Blowout: Ottawa


Wow! I did not see this outcome. The Bruins absolutely destroyed the sinking Senators in what I guess you could call a game. The Bruins were unstoppable on all ends of the arena. The PP was perfect and the PK was great. There were one or two mistakes by the defense but other than that, they were great. Paul Mara played some great hockey and was sticking up for teammates. The brawl was entertaining to watch, some old school hockey. I would not be surprised to see some fines going across to players like Eaves and McGratton for their actions. Thomas played great and an overall great win. O yeah, Bergeron and Savard equal greatness. And yes Gerber did get some playing time, and sucked, and so did Emery.

3 stars:
1. Marco Sturm (hat trick)
2. Patrice Bergeron (5 assists)
3. Marc Savard (2 goals, 2 assists)
HONORABLE MENTIONS: Tim Thomas, Paul Mara, Zdeno Chara, Brad Boyes


1. Marco Sturm (7) from Chistov (3)
2. Glen Murray (17) from Savard (29) and Mara (11)
3. Marc Savard (10) from Bergeron (23) and Chara (15)
4. Marco Sturm (8) from Bergeron (24) and Savard (30)
5. Marco Sturm (9) from Bergeron (25) and Boyes (17)
6. Marc Savard (11) from Murray (10) and Bergeron (26)
7. Paul Mara (1) from Hoggan (2) and Bergeron (27)

1. Christoph Shubert (4) from Kelly (7) and Heatley (21)
2. Antione Vermette (12) from Alfredsson (18) and Shubert (8)


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