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Friday, December 22, 2006

Bruin's cannot continue to play Lewis' style

Once again the Bruins pulled out the victory. If anyone watched the game, the Bruins sat back after they scored the first two goals. They tried to play defensive hockey for the remainder of the game instead of attacking offensively. The best defense is your offense. Lewis continues to pull this crap and has his team do nothing but try and trap after they get the lead. It is awful to watch. Tim Thomas saved this game himself. The Bruins defense and offense played with no passion after they scored the second goal. They knew they were going to sit back and try and stop the opposing team. Vancover, who's offense is awful by the way, outshot the Bruins 39-19. Bruins had 12 shots in the 1st period alone. Then Lewis decided to play his awful plan and go defense only, which did not work because the Canucks outshot the Bruins 28-7 in the final two periods. Bruins got lucky once again in this win, absolutely awful to watch, ZERO shots in the entire 3rd period. ZERO! I really dislike Dave Lewis and his coaching style. They play with no passion or emotion what so ever. Yes they won, but he won't be as lucky as he has been against decent teams with half decent offenses. Let them play hockey stop this bullshit style. In the last 13 games the Bruins have outshot their opponents only twice. Each game it seems like they are outshot 2-1. No wonder why the Bruins have no one showing up at their games.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They cannot considering how fragile this defensive squad is. Yes, they find way to win but it will end , soon or later, if they always sit on their lead. Granted that, in a regualr season, you will lose some and win some that way, but the team have to be more consistent regarding his intensity. Zero shot in the third or 6 shot total for two period is not the kind of performance you are looking for.. They took the 2 points but i wish they will rebound with a strong performance Saturday when they will face a stiffer opposition...

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You say he tells them to go into a shell, but he complain's about it! Obviously someone is mistaken. From what I have read Lewis does not want them to go into a shell any more than you do. It's a bad habit that he too is trying to break. Just read his comments.

I love the Lewis era and his coaching style. It's going to win us at least a 1st round playoff series this year. The players obviously respect him and actually listen to him. When he sees a weak point they work hard to fix it. So far the only thing they haven't become dramatically better at is the PK, but that will come to. Lewis knows what makes a great team: leadership, family, and putting it all on the line for your teammates. Because of these things in my opinion this is *already* the best team the B's have had in years and that's mostly to the credit of Lewis.

Wkat I will never understand is the fickle know-it-all fan who isn't happy unless he's complaining about something! I've had just about enough of that here, particularly after wins!

You guys have whined and complained about: Thomas, Mara, Savard, Murray, (even Chara--my God!) and now Lewis? I sometimes wonder if you'd complain about the cup teams too: Orr is a puck hog eh? Espo just gets garbage goals, not real goals?

The fans will show up when this team gets out of the cellar and starts generating a buzz around the league. Right now the B's are the best kept secret, but that will change, mark my words. And I for one, would like to read about *that* from savvy fans who love this team rather than the "whiner of the week" and his latest target.

11:28 AM  
Blogger Joe Murphy said...

"You say he tells them to go into a shell, but he complain's about it! Obviously someone is mistaken."

Paul Mara on the postgame show, said he is an offensive minded defenseman. He said the coaches tell them defense first and that is why he said he has been struggling. He stated he could be better than he has been but that is not the coaches style of hockey. Yes I believe someone is mistaken, that somebody is you.

1:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe, as usual when someone says something over the top--something not really defensible--the tactic is to subtly change the subject. Nice tactic, but I'm not going to let you wriggle free.

Of course Lewis is defensive minded. I never said he wasn't. Everybody knows it. But that sort of style is what typically wins cups and it wins games. What you said was that he wanted the B's to go into a defensive shell against the Canucks, and that is not even close to the same thing (other than it has the word "defensive" in it). An "offense comes from solid defense" philosophy does not preach that you go into a shell for nearly three periods. Doing so is playing with fire in any system and I don't think Lewis is such an idiot that he'd actually advocate it. Please, if you want to give us quotes to support your accusation against Lewis, then do it. Show us where Lewis advocates spending 2-1/2 periods in his own end. And hey, wasn't that a B's defenseman between periods saying they needed to get out of their own end? Think he's publically going against the advice of the coahes do you?

Come on Joe, the whole idea of complaining about a team being too defensive when just the game before they scored 7 goals isn't very compelling reading.

1:49 AM  
Blogger Joe Murphy said...

We scored 7 goals but we were still outshot. The whole season it has been defense first. Yes it has won us games, but it probably has cost us games as well. His coaching stle is the same once we get ahead. He tries and traps too much. And this starts as early as the first period. Some people may be a fan of his style since we are winning games, but I for one am not because I do not feel it will be able to be effective against good teams. If we start beating the better teams in the league then maybe I will be more convinced of his coaching style. As of right now I believe they have to be more aggressive offensively because our defense is not strong enough and we cannot rely heavily on Thomas every single night.

3:31 PM  

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