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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Vancouver: 12/20/06

Keep the offense rolling. Luongo will be in net for the Nucks, will be a tough game. Time to let the dogs loose. We are the big bad Bruins. Not much to say except go out and play some hockey.

Keys to winning:
-PP unit, 6th best in the NHL, let it roll.
-Neutral zone play, one weakness of the team.
-Get Luongo the hell out of there, score, score, and score.
-Keep the hot streaks going, Murray, Savard, Bergy, Boyes, etc.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You had me scared there! The game is tomorrow (21st) :)

10:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed. The B's can do very good against the Canucks but they will have to pepper Luongo in order to win. Granted that the keeper didn't have the best season but he knows how to win and he was under the fire lots of time in Florida. Any how, the B's will win this one.

Canucks:3 OT ( Bergy goal )

7:57 AM  

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