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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Buffalo 11/2/06

Rumours are swirling around and after a 4 days, the B's will have to face the Mighty Sabres tonight. This game will probably dictate the orientation Chiarelli will take to improve his team.

Tonight's game plan:

- Stay out of the Box
- Avoid defensive giveaways
- Pray for solid goaltending
- Special teams have to produce

Latrappe's Take: Even if the B's prove me wrong against Ottawa, this game is a whole new ball game. Like I said before, Buffalo have this lethal package of firepower on the upfront combine with a solid goaltending. B's offense struggle to score goals which is not a good news against solid goaltending. The Sabres have two goaltenders who can bail them out; the B's have none. When i look at B's last performances; i don't see how they can survive to this one.


Matt's Take: The Bruins will come out fighting. The rumors are not being ignored by the team. The players have a chip on their shoulder and the only way to prove the wrong is to win.

Sabres:3 OT


Blogger TreeBob said...

Let's hope this game finally puts your negativity towards Thomas to rest.

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't take it anymore....that was a heartbreaker....I'm looking forward to the draft...hopefully the B's don't trade a 1st round pick!!!!

10:03 PM  

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