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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Top Trade Candidates

Top candidates for the Bruins to acquire.

1. Marian Hossa (1 year, 6,000,000). Atlanta is looking less of a playoff team and could trade their talented winger in a contract year. Unless they can resign him, which at this point doesn't look good, he will be dealt.

2. Ladislav Nagy (1 year, 3,750,000).
---Brad Stuart (1 year, 3,500,000).
---Jaroslav Modry (1 year, 1,200). Los Angeles is awful this season, and all three of these guys could become valuable rentals for a season. Nagy is a solid offensive player who could bolster a lineup while Modry and Stuart provide insurance in the back and add more depth. Stuart in Boston again? Who knows.

3. Mike Comrie (1 year, 3,375,000)
--Ruslan Fedentenki (1 year, 2,900,000) The Isles are cellar dwellars and they don't seem like they are going to make the playoffs. Both these guys could be valuable assests to bolster the Bruins offense which needs some depth.

5. JP Dumont (1 year, 2,250,000)
--Martin Gelinas (1 year, 2,850,ooo). Nashville is a bubble team and could deal these two players at the deadline. Again, both provide some offensive depth while Gelianas also adds some veteran leadership.


Anonymous Jordan said...

Boy, at those prices, depending on the costs of course, I'd be interested in Hossa (obvious), Modry (offensive D-man), and Dumont (offense). That's a big caveat, though.

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Jordan said...

To add, one thing that really sticks out about Modry is his team-leading +5 on such an awful team.

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

really now...modry is only making 1200 dollars this that case we should throw them a bag of pucks...thatd be a pretty fair trade since MOC is over in LA

12:02 AM  

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