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Thursday, December 13, 2007

More on Fernandez

Manny Fernandez is done for the season after undergoing knee surgery. So the insurance will pay the 4.333 million owed to Fernandez and he won't have a cap hit this seaon except for a few grand in the few games he played.

A 4th rounder and Kalus for fewer than 10 games. I don't blame Chiarelli for acquiring him in the 1st place. 1) They were tight under the cap, so they couldn't acquire a guy like Vokoun, and Florida did offer a lot for him. 2) We needed goaltending and Fernandez was one of the top goalies available. 3) At the time, it seemed like a fair deal as Kalus wasn't projected to do much for a few years.

Now, I do blame Chiarelli and the medical staff for not fully reviewing Fernandez's knee. When you make a trade for a player who was injured, you need to make sure he will be a 100%. Now, if he hurt his knee so bad it needed surgery from slipping on a puck, that is another story.

Alex Auld looks very good though in the mean time, and Tim Thomas once again is a top goaltender in the NHL. I still don't view Thomas as a "top goalie" like Kipprosuff or Luongo, but I do see him as a legit starter now. Tuukka Rask will return to Providence after Thomas returns, which should be in a week or so.

Now with Fernandez and Bergeron out for the season, the Bruins can acquire numerous players to help them. For once, they seem like they won't be sellers, but buyers. And with the most cap space than any contender in the NHL, it looks like many teams will come calling.


Anonymous Butt Pirate said...

More "IN" Fernandez Matt? Is some givin it to Manny in the cornhole?

1:41 PM  
Anonymous big-e said...

One thing Manny did to the B's that helped us - light a fire under Timmy's ass. Timmy plays his best hockey when he is pushed or feeled pressured. Thank God the CBA was smart enough to say if your player is injured you can use his cap space. So $2MM they had + $5MM from Bergy + $4MM from Manny ~ $11MM to spend for this year. If we get a great puck moving, transition type defenceman to boost the PP - we can go from being good, to being better. I agree don't trade any one from up front, as the chemistry is starting to gel. Let's add to this team and you can give some picks as the higher you finish, the lower the pick. You might have to deal with some other team's rejects (Sydor in Pitts, Schneider in Anaheim, Bergeron in Long Island, etc). We're still not getting recognition because we're not winning by blowing teams out. But then again, Anaheim never blew a team out and how did they finish last year?

1:58 PM  

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