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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Movin' and Shakin'

It didn't take long for the Bruins to show that Tim Thomas' injury sustained in the waining minutes of last night's game is serious. The Bruins have swung a trade for yet another goalie by sending Nate DiCasmirro and a 5th round draft pick to Phoenix in exchange for Alex Auld. Auld is just about a career .500 goaltender who has compiled a 49-50-2-11 record and a career 2.94 GAA.

My impressions:
Thomas is going to be out for awhile here folks, this sounds serious. It looked completely innocent last night when he got hurt but all reports say it's a groin injury. These injuries are particularly nagging, especially for hockey players. For a goalie, it means a serious lack of movement east-west in the net.

Get ready folks, here's your chance to experience the beginning of Tuukka Rask as the #1 guy here. No one saw this one coming, but now that Fernandez is out with 16 different injuries, Thomas sidelined with the groin, and Jordan Sigalet unfortunately out due to seizures, Rask is the only place to turn. The acquisition of Auld is a desperation move that had to be done by Chiarelli. Starting tonight, we're going to begin seeing if Rask will really be that #1 guy between the pipes. I must say I'm cautiously optimistic for the next few weeks of Bruins hockey. The Canadiens at home should be a big test tonight (see more below).

Quick Notes
  • You can't blame Rask for the OT goal he let in last night. Coming into the game with just a little over a minute left is impossible to get loose
  • Marc Savard, currently riding an NHL best 11 game point streak, and Glen Murray, 8G 3A in the past 10 games, could be the hottest tandem in hockey right now. What a turnaround for Muzz
  • Brandon Bochenski (14 GP 0G 4A +2), where have you gone? A guy who I thought would be a breakout talent this year looks like he's in the Claude Julien doghouse.
  • Huge game tonight against the Habs. The Bruins have a chance to put some distance between themselves and that team we all hate. Right now the B's have 31 points and are in 2nd place in the division while the Habs have 30. On the flip side, if the Habs win, the two teams exchange spots in the standings. Furthermore, B's win and they're only four points from tying the slumping Senators.


Anonymous labouche said...

Bruins are 6 pts. behind Ottawa. Not 4 like your lack of researching comment indicated!

Thomas is day to day and will not be out more than 2-3 games. Once again lack of looking before you post.

1:34 PM  
Blogger Federko said...

Labouche.. He said (read it again) that if the Bs win they would be 4 points behind Ottawa.

And as far as a goalie goes, it is apparent that Manny will not be reliable and that the P-Bs are also down a goalie (Sigalet) so they had to do something anyways. Auld will become backup to Thomas when he gets back and Rask will be sent back down for seasoning. The kid only weighs 170+-... he needs to bulk up if there is any chance he can make through and NHL schedule without getting hurt himself.

2:08 PM  
Blogger McKeon said...

First off, where are all the guys calling for Muzz's head? Haha, running away with their tail between their legs! On the goalie situation, I would imagine Auld getting the majority of the starts with absence of Thomas (whether its 2 games or 12). I am a goalie and coming back from a groin pull is extremely difficult. It is something you can not put a time table on. It's considered day to day because he could wake up a week from now and be totally mobile or he could wake up a month from now and still walk with a limp. I assume Chiarelli will be sticking to his plan of not over-exposing Rask to the NHL.

2:20 PM  
Anonymous jeff said...

i agree with mckeon, i tihnk auld will get most of the starts. If any thing they split time while thomas is out. i hope the bruins can make a trade for a scorer soon cuz looks like we are going ot need it now

2:33 PM  
Anonymous jha said...

I don't trust Auld as far as I can throw him. I'd rather take my chances with Rask starting 2/3 of the games while Thomas is out.

labouche, you might want to re-read what's in front of you before you decide to call anyone out.

2:54 PM  
Anonymous big-e said...

Definitely Rask is going to get the bulk of starts. Tonight, at home against Price, huge game for Rask. Huge game for the B's. Auld was taken in case Rask cracks under being number 1. Wish Chiarelli has Toivonen now huh? After the first I truly thought Boston was going to win and win big. But they just did what they did last year, try to play D and make the other team make mistakes. Sure it may work against the Flyers, the Caps, the Penguins - but not the Devils. This team was down and are hot. You don't do that. You keep bumping and pressing. On to tonight, the B's played last night, lost a heartbreaker Dave Lewis style game - they should come out flying, at home in the longest time. They better come out flying because the Habs have lost (what 4?) in a row, the crowd booed them off the ice, their coach shat all over them in the media - and it seems everytime the Habs are on a slide it's the same rememedy - take some Bruins and all will be fine. I am fed up of losing to these hacks. A win tonight will go a long way. A loss, and well, we'll start all over again with who sucks, who's out and who leaves Boston. Mark my words, Murray will pot 40 goals this year. Huge plus to Savard, Murray and Metropolit. Huge minus to Lucic (are we sure he's okay from the concussion?), Kessel (that goal coming out of the box would have put the Devils away) and Kobasew (gotta be consistant). Big Z looks like a big 0 - but he is putting up the numbers, so it's a wash. If the Bruins win, 3-1, if Montreal wins 5-1.

2:59 PM  
Blogger McKeon said...

a lot of ranting eh big-e? Rask WILL NOT get the majority of the starts. No matter what the situation Chiarelli does not want to burn out the talent of Tuukka. The kid has tremendous skill and he still has magnificent potential. The Bruins probably won't be winning the cup this year and Chia knows it. He's not going to sacrifice the next great goaltender in the NHL for a possible 5 spot instead of a 7 in the playoffs. At all costs, potentially losses, Rask will not play much more than he has already. Sorry guys, I want to see him play too but, get used to him opening the door on the bench in Boston and taking the crease in Prov. Go Auldy!

3:39 PM  
Blogger JHa said...

furthermore labouche, read the writing on the wall. If Thomas was day to day they would have never dropped a player and a 5th round pick to get another goalie.

4:16 PM  
Anonymous spokedb said...

there had been rumours of the Bruins trading for a backup for Timmy ever since it was known that Manny was not coming back anytime soon. has Timmy listed as day-to-day

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Which is why I mentioned the Bryzgalov thing awhile ago. Too late now. I think Phx would have grabbed him anyways since they were lower in the standings.

7:49 PM  
Anonymous spokedb said...

It's amazing how many people don't know the waiver rule about the lowest seeded team winning the claim. I've heard so many people bash the Bruins for not claiming Bryzgalov, when the fact is 20 other teams could have got him before Boston.

9:17 PM  
Anonymous saskbruinsfan said...

Murray is not playing all that great, he is playing with one of the premier set up guys in the league in Savard and has had FLASHES of Murray past, but for the most part is still a huge lazy ass in going after loose pucks and his aim is WAY off as he does take a lot of shots but not many at the net. Even Axelsson who is not an offensively gifted player knows to be ready in front of the net for a Savard setup (as was shown last night against the Habs - nice goal), but sadly Murray just is off. Trading him is not a possibility (no matter how many want him gone) because of his salary/performance ratio just isn't a viable option for any team. 40 goals? YIKES!
The trade for Auld was bad, giving up a player AND a pick for poor backup goalie (whose claim to fame was that he outplayed Dan Cloutier in Vancouver, big deal so do most school children), I get that they needed a backup but there had to be a better option around.
Lastly, why the hell can't we beat the HABS?

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mckeon said...
First off, where are all the guys calling for Muzz's head? Haha, running away with their tail between their legs!
I'm still calling for Murray to be traded. I've seen him play and he is just awful to watch. He is definitely not worth the four million plus dollars so that he can play here in Boston. It would be nice to see useless Murray gone but then again who would want that albatross. He is just going through a hot streak thanks to Savard but he'll be playing like his usual self in no time.

4:34 PM  

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