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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Top 3 "How the hell were you a GM" trades (excluding Gretzky)

1) The Montreal Canadiens trade Patrick Roy and Mike Keane to the Colorado Avalanche for Andrei Kovalenko, Martin Rucinsky, and Jocelyn Thibault.

Let's see what Montreal got out of this. The Habs got one good season of Kovalenko, 17 g 17a, in 51 games. Next season, he was traded for Scott Thornton. Thornton was there for 3 seasons and was a decent 3rd/4th liner. But, was not better than Kovalenko. Thornton was then traded to the Stars for Juha Lind, who had 3 g and 4 a in his 47 game career as a Hab.

Martin Rucinsky played for the Habs for 8 seasons. He was an alright player, but his career high was only 60 points and 25 goals. Rucinsky was traded to the Stars with Benoit Brunet for Donald Audette and Shaun Van Allen. Audette played part of 3 seasons with the Habs, scoring 11 goals as a high. Audette left the team as a free agent to sign with the Panthers. Van Allen played 1 seasons with the Habs netting 11 points. He left the team as a UFA.

Thibault was okay in his early years with the Habs, but was traded with Brad Brown and Dave Manson to the Blackhawks for Jeff Hackett, Eric Weinrich, and Alain Nasreddine. Hackett was decent with the Habs, but was traded to San Jose for Nicklas Sundstrom. He sucked, playing parts of 3 seasons and left to Europe. Weinrich was decent as well, but was traded to the Bruins for Patrick Traverse, who sucked and is now in the AHL. Nasreddine sucked, played in the AHL and was traded with Igor Ulvanov to the Oilers for Christian Laflamme, and Matheiu Descoteaux. Decoteaux and Laflamme sucked, and both played in the AHL.

As for Colorado, Roy lead them to 2 Cup titles, and he retired a Ave. Because of his success, they were able to acquire guys like Bourque, Blake, Fluery, Kariya, Selanne. and others. Keane was a decent player, but left to sign with the Rangers two seasons later.

Foiled out deal: Patrick Roy, Mike Keane, Brad Brown, Dave Manson, Benoit Brunet, and Igor Ulanov for Juha Lind, Patrick Traverse, Christian Laflamme, Matheiu Descoteaux, Nicklas Sundstrom, Shaun Van Allen and Donald Audette.

2) The Boston Bruins trade Joe Thornton to the San Jose Sharks for Marco Sturm, Wayne Primeau and Brad Stuart.

Thornton is now considered the 2nd best player in the league and San Jose continues to get better, while the Bruins haven't made the playoff's in 2 years and counting. Thornton signed and extension with the Sharks for 3 more seasons.

Primeau sucked and played 3rd line duties, while Stuart was decent, but both were dealt to the Flames, along with a 4th round pick if Stuart did not resign, which he didn't, that was acquired for Milan Jurcina, for Chuck Kobasew and Andrew Ference. Kobasew is a decent winger with some 20 goal potential while Ference is an average defender.

Foiled out deal: Joe Thornton and Milan Jurcina for Chuck Kobasew, Marco Sturm and Andrew Ference.

3) The Philadelphia Flyers trade Chris Simon, Peter Forsberg, Mike Ricci, Ron Hextall, Steve Duschesne, Kerry Huffman, cash, and 2 1st round picks to the Quebec Nordiques (Colorado Avalanche) for Eric Lindros.

Forsberg was regarded as the best player in the NHL for years, and had he not been injury plagued would likely go into the HOF. He helped lead the Aves to 2 Cup titles. He left the team as a UFA to sign with the Flyers ironically.

Mike Ricci was a beast in his first 2 of 6 seasons with the Nordiques/Avs. He recorded 78 and 51 points, but his production dipped and was traded with Jaroslav Kristek to the San Jose Sharks for Shean Donovan and Alex Tanguay. Tanguay was a beast with the Avs, becoming one of the top goal scorers in the league. Tanguay was then traded to the Avalanche for Jordan Leopold and Codey Burki. Donovan sucked in Colorado and was traded to the Thrashers for Rick Tabaracci. He played 2 games with the Avs before retiring.

Chris Simon sucked with the Nordiques, and was traded to the Washington Caps along with Curtis Leschyshyn for Keith Jones and draft picks. Jones sucked in Colorado and was traded to the Flyers for Shjon Podein, where he was a decent 10-15 goal scorer for a few seaons before leaving as a UFA to the Blues.

Huffman was awful with the Nordiques netting 28 points in two seasons and left as a UFA to the Ottawa Senators.

Hextall was not great in his one season with the Nordiques, and was traded with Todd Bertuzzi for Mark Fitzpatrick and Adam Deadmarsh. Fitzpatrick did not make it to the NHL with the Avs, and left as a UFA to the Isles. Deadmarsh was very good with the Avs, scoring 18 or more goals in 5 of his 6 seasons there, where he was then traded with Aaron Miller, Jared Aulin, and Dave Steckel to the Kings for Rob Blake and Steven Reinprecht. Blake was great with the Avs, help solidifying their blueline. Blake then left as a UFA to sign with the Kings. Reinprecht was decent with the Avs, but was traded to the Sabres for Keith Ballard. Ballard never cracked the NHL, and was traded Derek Morris to the Coyotes for Ossi Vaananen. Vaananen was pretty bad with the Avs, and he is now playing in Eurpoe.

Duschense had a great season with the Nordiques, scoring 20 goals and 82 points. He left as a UFA to the Blues.

For Philly, Lindros was great, but he never won a cup. He was traded to the Rangers for Jan Hlavac, Pavel Brendl, and Kim Johnsson.

Hlavac was not good in Philly, and was traded to the Canucks with Brett Skinner for Donald Brashear and Jaroslav Balastik. Brashear was a good enforcer, and was traded to the Canucks for Jassen Cullimore. Cullimore never made it to the NHL with the Flyers and left as a UFA. Balastik was in Europe while with the Flyers and was traded to the Blue Jackets for Steven Goertzen, who plays in the NHL now.

Brendl was a bust draft pick who did nothing with the Flyers. He was traded with Bruno St. Jacques to the Carolina Hurricanes for Sami Kapanen and Ryan Bast. Kapanen was decent with the Flyers, but not the same player he was in Carolina. Kapanen is still in Philly. Bast was and still is a career AHLer, but left as a UFA to sign with the Harftord Wolf Pack.

Kim Johnsson was a stellar defender for the Flyers for the better part of 4 seasons. He left to sign a mega-deal with the Minnesota Wild where is has been a bust so far statistically.
Foiled out deal for Nordiques/Avs: Eric Lindros, Todd Bertuzzi, Jaroslav Kristek, Curtis Leschyshyn, Adam Deadmarsh, Derek Morris, Aaron Miller, Jared Aulin, and Dave Steckel, for Rob Blake, Ossi Vaananen, Mark Fitzpatrick, Kerry Huffman, Jordan Leopold, Cody Burki, Steve Duschense, Rick Tabaracci, and Shjon Podein.

Foiled out deal for Flyers: Mike Ricci, Chris Simon, Peter Forsberg, Ron Hextall, Kerry Huffman, Steve Duschense, Brett Skinner, Bruno St. Jacques for Jassen Cullimore, Steven Goertzen, Sami Kapanen, Ryan Bast and Kim Johnsson.


Blogger Jefe said...

Matt, werent you ranting all off season about how bad Tim Thomas is, and how we need someone else? I respect your work here, but my God, sometimes you leave me wondering who your listnening to or what your watching.

You said "Primeau sucked and played 3rd line duties, while Stuart was decent",

Are you kidding me? Primeau was the one who actually cared to be a Bruin. Primeau was NOT going to take over Savard and Bergerons 1st and second line duties, so that is an irrelevant statement. He was very upset when he was traded, unlike despondent Brad.

It was numbnut Brad Stuart who was the selfish "Im outta here" irresponisible player.

You said "Kobasew is a decent winger with some 20 goal potential"

Cmon Matt aren't you watching games? Kobesew will lead the Bruins in goals at the end of the season in the mid 30's to 40 goals. The Bruins have picked up their scoring and Chuck is on top. He works for them, and gets them.

4:10 AM  
Anonymous B.SHOEBOTTOM said...

I did'nt know Shean Donovan retired after two games with the Avs? Who was it that we traded for Schafer then? Also how can Tanguay be traded from the Avalanche to the Avs? Not the same team right? Good read though. Sorry to nit pick

9:12 AM  
Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

You mis-read the Donovan quote, b.shoebottom. He was referring to Tabaracci as playing only 2 games for the Avs before retiring.
And jefe has a point.... Kobasew will most likely lead the B's in goals this year, and Primeau did play his tail off for us. But in Matt's defense, neither one is worth Thornton, let alone Stuart, Sturm, Primeau, Kobasew and Ference combined!!
Nice read Matt..... well done with a lot of research put into it. I tip my hat!!

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your right bosbrn77 thanks...

1:47 PM  
Blogger Jefe said...

This is true; Thornton is worth more than all of them, but we have Savard in his stead which we never would have if we retained Joe, and we have to be happy about that.

2:10 PM  
Blogger Demetris said...

Surely we all know the Neely for Pederson deal is far from this list

3:01 PM  
Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

jefe... I agree we have Savard. and I'm happy for that. But not once.... not once EVER... would I take Savard over Thornton. And I doubt many other fans would either.
But Thornton is gone... no looking back..... and the team is playing way better then most expected. Granted it is still early.... but they are playing their tails off.
I just hope we are one of the teams in the running for blueline help via the Ducks!! I would not mind seeing them grab Torres from Edmonton and a D-man from Anaheim.
As for what demetris says... it was actually Neely and a 1st(Glen Wesley) for Pederson. Then Pederson came back a few years later to play with us. We then traded Wesley many years later for 3 1st rounders to the Whalers/Hurriacanes/ (McLaren, Aitken, Samsonov)

4:54 PM  
Blogger Jefe said...

Yeah, I would rather have Joe as well, I was just saying at least we have another top setup guy in his place.

Imagine the state of the Bruins without Savard! Scary...

I wouldnt mind getting my hands on one of those ducks as well. Damn, it would be nice to have a true quarterback on the powerplay again. We havent had one since Ray. Rolston missed the net, Chara cant hold the zone, Gonchar was a rental... etc etc....

11:00 PM  
Blogger Jefe said...

By the way Bosborn, in remembrance of your story you told me last summer about a game in Philly you attended; I went to the game in which we won 6-3, and let those bastards have it. Never been hit by so many peanuts, and told to f off so many times.

My brother and I were on the brink of getting either kicked out or mugged.

11:04 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...


My point was Primeau was not that good. Yes he was a hardcore Bruin fan, but in all reality, he had limited skills, and could easily be found a replacement. Stuart was a decent defender at the time and was up and coming, who knew he would be such a jackass?

As for Kobasew, at the time of the trade, he was injured, and had potential to be a 20 goal scorer. This season, he is exceeding those expectations, but at the time, you couldn't expect a 30-40 goal scorer.

2:16 PM  
Blogger Jefe said...

I agree Matt, Stuart did uderacheive and Primeau overachieved.

I didnt expect a 30 or 40 goal scorer, but I think we might have found one. Yeah, I didnt expect it but it makes sense. Watching him play and seeing his tenaciousness is why to me he is a legit scorer.

Last year with that elbow injury I think alot of people in Boston overlooked his potential because they hadnt seen it beyond his one stellar year at BC. I remember that season, and thought to myself at the time that he would be great scoring touch for my Bruins one day.

Lets hope it continues.

Keep up the good work Matt. And I appreciate your leading the write ups and keeping the site alive.

Go Bruins.

2:34 PM  

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