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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rumours won't go away

I'm extremely busy, lately, so that's the reason of my lack of comments... Well, the rumours mill start again and our good friend Glen Murray is in the middle of it. The link between Boston and SJ for another possible trade doesn't seems to go away. For sure, the B's can use one of SJ goaltenders to upgrade that position but there's a few things to consider before a trade involving Murray occur.
First, Nabokov have a NTC. A NTC can be waive but, in the case of Nabokov, this clause cannot be waive if SJ make the playoffs. The only option aviable is Nabokov agreeing to a trade. Well, it won't happend. Why Nabokov would agree to a trade who will send him to a dead end? Boston won't probably make the playoffs, next year, and SJ will be a contender for the cup. Why would you leave, then? Nabokov win the #1 spot in SJ. That's the perfect situation for him.
The Toskala case is more interesting. His contract is very affordable and he doesn't have an NTC. The problem, here, is that SJ is not looking for an aging forward, who can score goals for sure, prone to injuries. In fact, i'm not sure that SJ is looking for fire power in the upfront. Yes, they had a pretty rough series against Detroit offensively but they have to shore up their defense first and i don't think Boston have the right stuff to deal with SJ. Do Rivet and Hannan will be sign??? If so, it might change the dynamic but what would be the cost for SJ, then?
Finally, we have to admit that Murray's contract doesn't fit well with the team situation. There's no doubt about Murray's dedication and work ethic. But, with so many holes to fill, the B's can use the money of that 4 per contract, elsewhere. The fact that Gomez, Brière and co will hit the market at a prohibitive cost will open a market for Murray. If the B's receive an offer for the scoring winger, they have to pull the trigger.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that Nabakov is like a <1% chance...but the Toskala trade makes a lot of sense...

9:27 PM  

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