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Friday, May 25, 2007

Free Agent Predictions

I am going to do a preliminary round of the major UFA's today guessing where they go and how much money. We will later come out with one in mid June before the UFA signing period goes under way, but for now, I am going to make a run at it. Feel free to disucss your extreme disagreement towards these predictions.
Note: Don't crap on me because of cap space, I am assuming teams will make some deals to clear a few million in cap space.

J-S Giguere: Boston Bruins, 3 years/16 million
Teemu Selanne: Anaheim Ducks, 2 years/10 million
Keith Tkachuk: St. Louis Blues, 2 years/7 million
Daniel Brier: Buffalo Sabres, 5 years/30 million
Chris Drury: Boston Bruins, 4 years/18 million
Roman Hamrlik: Philadelphia Flyers, 1 year/2.6 million
Brad Stuart: Los Angeles Kings, 4 years/18.4 million
Eric Lindros: Philadelphia Flyers, 1 year/900k + incentives
Ladislav Nagy: Vancouver Canucks, 5 years/28 million
Anson Carter: Vancouver Canucks, 1 year/1.5 million
Todd Bertuzzi: Toronto Maple Leafs, 1 year/1.5 million
Dominik Hasek: Detroit Red Wings, 1 year/2.5 million
Robert Lang: Washington Capitals, 2 years/8 million
Danny Markov: Edmonton Oilers, 3 years/9 million
Mathieu Schneider: Detroit Red Wings, 2 years/6 million
Petr Sykora: Vancouver Canucks, 2 years/5.5 million
Ed Belfour: Florida Panthers, 1 year/1 million
Sheldon Souray: San Jose, 4 years/26 million
Peter Forsberg: Nashville Predators, 1 year/4 million
Paul Kariya: Nashville Predators, 3 years/15 million
Kimmo Timonen: Philadelphia Flyers, 4 years/23 million
Scott Gomez: Calgary Flames, 5 years/34 million
Brian Rafalski: Boston Bruins, 3 years/10 million
Jason Blake: Washington Capitals, 4 years/16.4 million
Ryan Smith: New York Islanders, 4 years/26 million
Brendan Shanahan: New York Rangers, 1 year/4 million
Mike Comrie: Pittsburgh Penguins, 3 years/10 million
Bill Guerin: New Jersey Devils, 1 year/3 million
Scott Hannan: Minnesota Wild, 3 years/9 million
Michael Peca: Boston Bruins, 1 year/800k
Mats Sundin: Toronto Maple Leafs, 2 years/12 million
Rory Fitzpatrick: Vancounver Canucks, 2 years/6 million


Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

Usually I agree with a lot of what you say, Matt. But you sound like a Leaf's fan in this post. No way does Boston get Giguere, Drury, Rafalski, and Peca.
First off, PC already said that the club would not be going after big name UFAs. And if we believe him, then that takes Giguere, Rafalski, and Drury off the list.
Second, even though you mentioned it, we have no where close to the cap space for all four. Unless Murray, Axellson, and Kobasew are traded, then those four don't come here together.
I'd love to see Giguere in a Bruins uniform. We need a star goalie for a change. The revolving door in net since Moog and Lemelin is pathetic. But signing Giguere would signal the end of Thomas and/or Hannu. Would that be worth it? Yes! But the team has to play better defense for any goalie in net.
So that brings us to Rafalski. I like this idea a lot. If PC were to go after a "big" name, this would be my pick. It would shore up the defense. Would give us Chara, Rafalski, Ward, Alberts, and Ference. With Wideman, Stuart and Lashoff playing the sixth hole. Nice idea!
As for Drury. We don't need a number 1 or even 2 center. We have that in Savard and Bergeron. I'd rather see Boston go after a next tier guy like Perrault. Yanic is great on the face off and would be a perfect center for Axellson and Donovan.
And Peca would give us too many centers. Would Peca settle for a fourth line? I doubt that.
I'd like to see Boston go after Rafalski, Perrault, and either Backstrom, Belfour or Thibault. And let the young guys play their way in.


Ward- Wideman(Stuart)


Then again... if Preissing is available, don't be surprised if PC dips back into the Senators pool.

5:56 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

bosbrn77 I agree that no way in hell all them are coming here, but I feel like we have the best chance at getting them. I don't know if that makes any sense. I wouldn't say any of them are ungettable from a Bruins' point of view.

6:44 PM  
Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

I'm not sure what chance we have to get any of them with Lewis as coach. After what Stuart, Mara, and Boyes all said after leaving the Bruins, who would want to play for him? If we the fans read it, then I bet a lot of potential UFAs read the same thing.

I just wish PC could see that as well. Look at how much playing time Jurcina got when he left. Why trade for Ference and Wideman when Jurcina was better then both? Why give up Boyes for Wideman and we only got a pick for Milan? And that pick goes to Calgary if Brad Stuart doesn't re-sign there.

I wish PC would admit one mistake and get rid of Lewis. Bring in a O'Reilly, Shoenfield (sp?), Burns, or even Neely.

8:11 PM  
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