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Friday, May 04, 2007

My Bruins' Offseason Plan

This team needs a few more pieces to become successful again. They need a scorer, a goaltender, and an upgrade defensively. The Bruins really do not have much cap space for next season, so here is what I would like to see, without dishing out big time money for a free agent.




Pick up Tomas Holmstrom on a one or two year deal at anything less than 3 million. He is not the greatest skater or shooter in the league, but he does the dirty work. Put this guy in front of the net because he is the best in the league at blocking the goalies view. He is always jamming away at rebounds and always scores the "garage goal", something the Bruins need more of. A goal is a goal, it doesn't matter how pretty is it. This makes the top line better as well as the powerplay.

Give some of the kids an opportunity to show their skills. Kessel, Kalus, Bochenski, and Lashoff should get regular icetime.

Sign a 4th line center-- someone who will add grit, energy, and will drop the gloves. Mair may not be the best choice, but anyone over Mowers is an upgrade in this department.

Sign a goaltender to help out Tim Thomas. It is obvious the Bruins will not land a top of the line free agent goaltender in the offseason, due to the lack of cap space. Plus they have Tuuka Rask a year or two away. Sign Chris Mason to a one or two year deal and have him and Thomas split time between the pipes. Mason will probably be fairly cheap as well.

I'm also still open to getting rid of some of the players this team is currently made up of. Mowers and Donovan are easily replaceable. Ward is not worth the 2.75 million he's making next season. Yes, he's a veteran with a lot of experience, but he is not a #2 defenseman. Axelsson and Murray are very injury-prone, as has shown over the past four seasons. Murray should stay because he is a true goalscorer, but I would like to see Axelsson moved for a pick or some young talent.


Anonymous mack said...

TSN posted a pretty good off-season plan for the Bruins as well.

10:19 AM  
Blogger Walshie said...

First of all Holmstrom was resigned by the Red Wings to a 2 year extension, at the end of March. The other move you would like is unrealistic unless it is via trade because Mason was signed to an extension at the beginning of the year by Nashville. The Bruins need a goal scoring threat. Marc Savard can't be depended on for 75% of the offense again. They also need a solid 1A goalie to split time with Thomas. The best bet is a Toskala who the Bruins like, along with Kevin Paul Dupont.

2:41 PM  
Blogger Pekese said...

Wow your right, I didn't realize either of them signed extensions. Holmstrom's was a 3 year deal. I just don't think they should spend alot of money on a goaltender especially with Rask a year away. As for forwards, Chris Drury is great, but he would come at a very expensive price, something that the Bruins cannot afford to do since they have so many other players signed at large amounts over long term deals.

3:18 AM  
Anonymous bruinsfan94 said...

Boston Bruins sign Rask for 3 years

11:46 AM  

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