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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Where Does the Team Go?

I ask this as a legit question. Where does the team go from here? They have the 8th pick in this years draft, do we trade it? The team has a lot of 2nd, 3rd tier talent. Do we ship some of it out? Do we trade Muzzy? Who is going to be the top forward? Who is going to play goalie? Many questions, but no answers. All I know is that this will be an interesting offseason.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

trade pj. cut mowers, donovan. move forward from there.

9:33 PM  
Blogger Parry Sound said...

Just start over, Toivenen 1, Thomas backs up, need a goalscorer

11:32 PM  
Blogger Latrappe said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

8:27 AM  
Blogger Latrappe said...

1- Fix the goaltending. If someone have any doubt that goaltending is the key position after the few matchups we saw in these playoffs; there's something wrong.

2- Sign a stay-at-home D who play well in his zone. A guy like Tom Pressing could be a great addition.

3- Give opportunities to young players. Lashoff, Stuart and Kalus should be in the lineup, next year. There's no way a guy like Allen ( if re-sign ) or Wideman should take a roster spot if they don't deserve it. PC will have to let his ego aside...

4- Make players accountable, even if they are vets.

5- Scrap the whole system since: 1-it choke the offense; 2- Allow way too many chances for the opponents; 3- put players in risky situations.

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fire dave lewis

1:59 AM  
Anonymous cahill said...

The B's defence should look similar to
Chara - Alberts
Ference - Lashoff
Ward - Wideman - Stuart

Lashoff, Wideman and Stuart should be on a rotation so each can get minutes in NHL games. They don't need another stay-at-home defenceman around. Alberts, Ward, and Stuart are fine. Plus Pressing has played one good season. Don't get cough up overpaying for a player who plays only 12-14 minutes in Ottawa. We have plenty of them already.

Goaltending is clearly heading towards Rask in the future and getting J.S. Giugare wouldn't be smart on the cap. Trade Toivenen for another "experienced" number one goalie to swap time with Thomas. he'll be fine playing 30-35 games or so.

As for the Offense, Mowers should stay because he is a good 4th line center. and i stress 4th line. between riech and another banger like say maybe Laraque. Not a bad 4th line.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

I agree with latrappe and cahill on certain things.

First and foremost goaltending needs to be addressed. Thomas played his heart out this year, and he deserves to stay. I'm not sure if Hannu is the answer. Does he need a fresh start like Raycroft? Only problem is, he doesn't have much trade value, and we would be lucky to get a pick or a lower level prospect. I'm not sure. Do we let him play a whole season in Providence to get his game and head straight? I for one would do just that, play him in Providence so that when Rask is ready, the two of them are our Giguere and Bryzgalov. But for now, I say we sign either Dunham, Thibault, or even Backstrom to split duties with Thomas. And if one of those three stands out, they get more playing time. I think Backstrom would cost the most considering his year. Both Thibault and Dunham could be had for under 1 million.

As for defense. I think this is the position we can sit back on and see how it unfolds. Let the players gel and then we can act on it later, like in training camp. We don't need another high priced d-man back there unless we can snag a Modry or Miller. If that is the case, we just don't re-sign Allen.

I totally agree with latrappe on this point. Give the young players some damn ice time! Chistov, Kobasew, Bochenski, and Kessel all need more ice time. Washington slapped Lewis right in the face after they got Jurcina from us. He had the most average ice time of ANY player on the Caps after that trade. And he held his own. Shows me that Lewis had his head up his ass, especially when it came to the younger guys!

If I was going to sign a higher touted player, it would be a sniper. Another goal scorer to play with Bergeron. A few players that would cost a little but fit that mold. Selanne, Tkachuk, Kariya, Hartnell, Shanahan, Nolan, and Guerin.

But even more then that, I'd like to see the B's get a third line center. This would allow Kessel to play up with Murray and Savard, and it would give some experience to play between say Chistov, Kobasew, or Kalus. There are plenty of centers that would fit. Zubrus, Stumpel, Bonk, Lindros, Kozlov, Comrie, Roenick, or Smolinski to name a few. But the guy I would go for, due to price and the fact of winning face offs, would be Yanic Perreault! He could not only bring leadership and experience to the team, but he would be that guy you would want with a face off to Thomas' right with 25 seconds left in a one goal game.

I liked what cahill said about toughness. Laraque would look great in black and gold. We need some guys that will protect their team mates. Chara needs to realize he is in Boston now, and the fans here want to see him lay out a player like Neil in Ottawa or Avery in New York if they run one of the other players. Laraque is that type of guy. And since Chara forgot how to do it, we need someone who will, and someone who will remind him how it is done.

And finally, you know I was going to say it. Get rid of Lewis. I honestly think they need to change coaches. We need a more offensive minded plan. Look how good Mara has looked in NY. And he was our new Hall Gill whipping boy! I say fire the coaching staff and bring in O'Reilly as head coach, Cam Neely and Ray Bourque as Assistants, and start fresh. Who better to mentor Mark Stuart, Wideman, Ference, and Alberts then Bourque? How much help would Neely give Chistov, Kobasew, Kessel, Kalus and the rest of the younger guys on a daily basis? Not to mention O'Reilly would make every player held accountable. Even Chara, Ward and Murray.

The team has the foundation and the walls up, now it is time to put in the plumbing and fit the whole damn thing together. Bottomline, I'd like to see them sign Thibault and Perrault and bring up some guys from the farm and fire the coaching staff and start fresh from that side.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude bosbrn get a life...if u have that much time to talk about these losers you have too much free time

1:36 PM  
Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

Well obviously anonymous, you read what I had to say. And as for a life... I have one, and today is my day off. As for you, stop trying to start crap. Go back to school, or do you have the day off because of the weather? And the only loser must be you if you come on here just to complain. Last I checked this is a rumor and news board, and rumor has it..... you have nothing useful to add, so get lost!

Also, grow some balls and post a name! Or are you too scared?!

2:05 PM  
Anonymous bruinsfan94 said...

agreed 100 percent bosbrn77 if you all your going do is insult someone reading this bruins news site, while your doing it yourself, you have no life

Since Im commenting under other, you should be able to click my name and go to a site, click on it it a bruins message or just copy and paste what I just wrote, all you have to do is sign up for Im not trying to steal your custumers matt, Im just trying to tell them another place to look if they wnat to read more about the bruins

5:05 PM  
Anonymous bruinsfan94 said...

acually just copy and paste this...

5:10 PM  
Anonymous bosbrn77sux said... so scared...deleting my comments is cool i's a name that'll suit ur complaints

10:01 PM  
Anonymous bruinsfan94 said...

what age are you? 10? You see little boy, if you want to be treated like an adult you must act like one first not going around insulting people by saying "OOO .. Im so scared.. " because thats not what big boys say they say things like "I disagree" and really you have no argument.

10:23 PM  
Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

Hey anonymous... i'll call you that since you have NO originality and can't think of your own name.... does your mommy and daddy know your on the computer? They may take away your Tonka trucks if you don't start being nice!
Most people are on here to talk about a team they care about... win or lose. If you don't like it, take your childish antics to the Disney boards. This is one of the reasons why people don't post that much. Cause of kids like this just trying to start crap.
Don't worry junior(anonymous) I have two children of my own, so I know how to deal with your lame antics!!

8:24 AM  
Anonymous bosbrn77sux said...

actually not ten and it's good to see that a bunch of "grown men" come on this board and get a stick up there ass about this and instead of being a true man and just shrugging it losers just keep whining about it...i think someone musta stuck a tonka truck up ur ass

9:18 AM  
Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

Ok... eleven? The only one with a stick up their ass is you! I could care less about you or your pathetic posts! I'm here to talk hockey, not to some adolescent that should have his computer time monitored! You are the reason why people don't come on here. Grow up and get a life! And not for nothing, this is the last time I will aknowledge your unfortunate existence!

12:04 PM  
Anonymous bruinsfan94 said...

ok anonymous, if you were a real man why are you not shrugging it off, real men do not call people losers, they are much more proffesional about it, but then again your right, your not ten, you 8

10:30 PM  
Anonymous bruinsfan94 said...

*your 8

(sorry, I said you 8, and I hate looking like an idiot)

10:31 PM  

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