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Friday, April 13, 2007

Hedberg to get the nod in game 2

According to Johan Hedberg will start on Saturday for Game 2. Kari Lehtoneon made 38 saves and gave up 4 goals in game one against the NY Rangers.

Tim Connolly who has played only two game in the regular season, the last two games of the year. He will be a big addition to the club, after his 55 points last year. He is also a great addition to the clubs powerful powerplay and will probally be on the second unit. Connolly has missed most of the season with post-concussionsyndrome, after taking a hit last year in the playoffs. He had one goal in his 2 games this year, he also put up 5 goals 6 assists for 11 points in the 8 playoff games last year. He already has one assist this series.

Sorry to all about the lack of posts from me. I went away for a couple of weeks and started a new job and haven't had time.


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