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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Potential Moves

It is still a little early to see who is going to be in the UFA pool and who will not be, due to many teams resigning players. We will get a better idea in a week or two, but here is a list of potential moves I find that are not too far-fetched for the team.

1) Signing JS Giguere. Look at this guy in the playoffs...he is a work horse. He is 12-1 in OT playoff games, he is clutch. If it were not for him, Anaheim would not be in the finals. Giguere is an elite goaltender, and will commend top money, but no team will go anywhere without a good goalie. Please tell me the last team win it all with a crappy goalie...He is the creme of the crop for this years UFA goaltenders.

2) Trading for Evgeni Nabakov/Illya Bryzgalov/Vesa Toskala. If the Sharks decide to go with Toskala, or Nabakov, whichever one, the Bruins could target the oddman out. Toskala is a more affordable contract, while Nabakov is a proven commedity. If the Ducks do resign Giguere, Bryzgalov could be made a available, the Bruins would have to part with some talent, but he seems to be a real good young goalie.

3) Signing Tomas Vanek to an offer sheet. Now you may think I going out on a limb...Oh, wait I am...but there will likely be a few offer sheets given out this offseason, especially to Buffalo with its young talent. An offer of 3.7 + could be more than Buffalo can handle while trying to resign Drury and Briere while also retaining other RFA's. Vanek would fit perfectly with Bergeron or Savard.

4) Trading for Patrick Marleau. San Jose will try to dump him possibly in efforts to sign former B's captain JT to an extension. He'd be a nice guy on the team, but then again, I see money better spent elsewhere.

5) Trading Glen Murray. Sorry Glen, love ya, but 4.15 million should get me more than what you provide. Had he been signed for less, I'd be all for it. We need to clear space in order to sign better players.

6) Signing a veteren dman like Rafalski, Timmonen, Schneider, Markov and others. We need one more veteren skilled dman. Timmonen would be the best for the Bruins.


Blogger Latrappe said...

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3:37 PM  
Blogger Latrappe said...

If the B's are looking for improvement, they need to improve between the pipes. Thomas is a good backup but nothing more. This team need more consistency between the pipes in order to progess. This year playoffs showed without a shadow of the doubt why goaltending is the key position on the ice.

I'm not sure the B's will find lots of suitors for Murray's 4 per contract. He was hurt last season and it will make teams wonder before they pull the trigger.

An offer sheet could be a bold move but the B's don't have the cap to do so. With Lewis as a coach, it'S doubtful to see an high end player signed with Boston. No players wants to be in a system where his skills and creativity is handcuff.

I don't know about signing a veteran D-man. We already have Ward, Chara and Ference and we need some roster space for Lashoff and Stuart. Lashoff could be very useful on the PP but since Wideman was trade for Boyes; i don't expect him to be out of the roster, next year.

3:41 PM  

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