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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Chuck Kobasew: Big Question Mark

Acquired in the Brad Stuart trade with Calgary, Chuck Kobasew is a big question mark on the Bruins. He was once a 20 goal scorer on an offensively challanged Calgary team and showed some major promise. Last season he was injured for almost the entire season and did not contribute much. He is set to earn 1.2 million this season.

Kobasew is very important because he could be a scorer on the top 2 lines, which would eliminate the need to go out and sign a overpriced veteren, or he could be a bust who just uses up cap space. He has little trade value, so trading him would have to be in a package. The issue with Kobasew is, we have not gotten to see him much, so there is nothing to evaluate him on.

Chuck is going to have to take his game up a notch if the Bruins are to go anywhere. If Kobasew can regain he 20+ goal form, the Bruins will have a big hole filled on the roster.


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