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Friday, March 02, 2007

Post Game: Bruins - Flyers

The Bruins need all the points then can get, and this game they should have easily been able to take 2 points from the worst team in the league. But that is not the case, for the Bruins came out, once again, with no passion or determination in their play. Just an overall sloppy, sloppy game for the Bruins. They got out shot 55-37. Tim Thomas once again saved the Bruins and kept them in this game. Mark Mowers also added two goals, which equalled his season total entering the game.

Dennis Wideman played well in his debut for the Bruins. He has offensive upside in his game and recorded his first point as a Bruin, when he set up Mowers for a breakaway goal. Glen Murray returned from injury and looked very slow and as if he has not fully recovered from his groin pull. Petr Tenkrat also returned from his injury and had two shorthanded opportunities, but could not cash in on either. Late in the game, Lewis put Kessel on the top line and finally dropped Axelsson to the checking line.

This team is way too inconsistent and with the performance they displayed last night, this defense has not been improved and are not"harder to play against". Time will tell if it works out, but last nights game was extremely frustrating.


Anonymous Jim said...

Now, that there is a post game...Team looked much better last night,after recent trades. we only let up 55 shots and Thomas only made 51 saves(and still this moron a few rows from me cried..."you suck Thomas", get a clue, one of few good things on this team) I must say PC is onto something with this defense logic. He's right, thats where we should've started. I think we still need a few more Defensemen though, team just isnt there yet. Shame deadline is past, we could still strip the Offense of Patrice and Murray for a couple of Defensemen, maybe even Savard. PC you suck!!

9:50 AM  

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