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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Today's Practice

- Chuck Kobasew and Glen Murray skated today.Marc Savard was given the day off. Here were the line combinations:


Should be interesting to see what Lewis does with his lines. Should Bochenski be on the 4th line? NO. The Bruins also have 7 defensemen. Whos the odd man out? York, Wideman, or Allen? My guess is Wideman cuz Lewis is a friggen moron. We just acquired this kid and I bet Lewis doesn't even play him, or if he does he'll log less ice time than York. I hope York is on his way out the door, but knowing how this team is run it will be Allen(who has played great with Chara).


Blogger Stu Smallwood said...

I have to disagree with the Lewis being a moron comment, especially with regards to the possibility he wouldnt have Wideman playing. Of course he'll be playing him. Lewis has already scratched York once on the last road trip, so indications are that it will be him who is scratched. However York has been playing a bit better of late. But I do agree that it should be him scratched over Bobby Allen.

4:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's funny about York is that he said after that healthy scratch that it was a mutual decision for him not to play in back to back games...For some reaon I highly doubt that. With the addition of wideman, who according to all sources regarding the trade is seen as a young defenceman with a lot of upside, this should end the nedd to play York with such frequency. What I hated most was seeing York and Mara as a least I won't have to bear witness to that again. Anyways, as a whole I am extremely optimistic about our team. We fially have a core of plaers who will have played together for a lengthy period of time, and a youthful bunch with a solid future. The signing of a bonified #1 goalie wouldn't hurt, but we shall see what the offseason brings us. Well, here's to better days to come as a b's fan.

5:00 AM  
Blogger Stu Smallwood said...

cheers to that friend. It's good to hear some positive vibes. Honestly there is so much negativity in the blogosphere about the Bruins lately its kind of rough. I think Chiarelli is showing he has a long term plan and he is tweaking his roster ever so subtly (but effectively) in line with that plan. There defense is certainly better now than it was and their forwards are still good and with immense potential.

Also, check out my new post on my blog(which I am about to write) about why I think they can still make the playoffs given these moves.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

I too am optomistic about the team. They do still have a great core to continue building around. I'll always bleed black and gold.
But I have to say, stu.... Lewis IS a moron! He has brutalized the lineups on a game by game basis. Playing Axelsson on the 1st line when he should be helping out on the defensive side more(like he always has done) playing with (now) Mowers and Donovan. Playing Bochenski on the 4th line after PC stated he would like to see him with a good center. Not giving Kessel enough ice time.... especially with Savard and Murray where he should be. Playing York over M. Stuart, Lashoff, and even Jurcina (back when he was here). And the list goes on. I've said it before and i'll say it again.... Lewis did nothing with Detroit after Bowman left. And they had a set team there. What cloud are we wishing on to expect him to do anything with a rebuilding Bruins team? We need a different coach!
As for PC. I like what he is doing. He is making the team stronger... and I do see that. The Bochenski and Chistov pickups were good. I'm hesitent on the Jurcina trade considering I think we could have got more, or better yet, put smiles on Bruins' fan's faces and get Chris Bourque in the organization. And as for the two deadline day trades. Do they help the Bruins... hopefully. But I think we could have got more for both... or at least should have got more. With York, we added leadership, maturity and experience, but we also got 7 years older. With Wideman, only time will tell. But I truthfully think we could have got more for a player who scored 70 points last year, and has the potential, with the right linemates, to put up more numbers. But in looking at the last three trades, I think they were more to save salary then meets the eye. But I like PC, he has a winning strategy, and I think he is slowly implementing it.
Lets just hope they pick up some decent UFAs. First and foremost, we need a goalie. Thomas is playing good, but is he a bonafide number one? I don't think any of us believe he is. So who is there? Giguere? Biron? Do we sign someone short term in hopes of Hannu or Tuka blossoming into the tenders we hope? If so, do we bring in Hasek, Belfour, Aebischer, or Dunham?
We also need scoring. Tkachuk, Shanahan, Kariya, Modin, Guerin, Selanne, Drury, Smyth, and Forsberg are all out there!
And finally, who do we re-sign out of all of our free agents? The definites are Alberts and Bochenski. What about Toivonen, Dempsey, Allen, Sigalet, and Samuelsson(he is the last remaining piece of the Ray Bourque trade)? Honestly though, I like Tenkrat's hustle and energy. If every player played that way, we would have a better record right now.
Anyways.... enough of my (as usual) long winded rants! All I can say is....

5:54 PM  
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