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Monday, March 05, 2007

Chiarelli's Grades (Part I)

Remember, I am grading based on the context of what they were signed here to do...not overall productivety or just stats alone.


Acquiring Tuukka Rask from the Toronto Maple Leafs for Andrew Raycroft- A good move as thought by most. Many experts felt the Bruins got a great deal by acquiring the best goaltending prospect in the world. At 19, Rask is a few years from being ready, but the Maple Leafs overpaid dearly. "Razor" has been nothing special in Toronto, and has been quoted to say he is tired from playing too much. Chiarelli got the best of the Leafs on this one, Rask could be one of the elite goaltenders in the NHL for years, and he comes at cheap money. The Bruins still have to sign Rask before June 1st or he will be eligable to re-enter the draft.
Overall Grade: (still too early to tell).

Acquiring Paul Mara from the Phoenix Coyotes for Nick Boynton- At the time, it seemed like a fair deal. Both signed deals at 2 years and around 3 million, 2.75 for Nick. Mara was a bust in Boston, not performing well and racking a -20+ rating. Boynton also sucked in Phoenix leading to speculation he would be dealt. Mara never got a chance on the PP with Chara taking over most of that duty.
Overall Grade: C

Signing Marc Savard to a 4 year/20 million dollar deal- Many were spectacal about the deal. I wasn't for sure. Savard was one of the premier free agents available and for 5 million, and his production, he was one of the better buys in the free agent market. Savard has been amazing this season with his passes and if the Bruins make the playoffs, MVP is not out of the question.
Overall Grade: A+

Resiging Patrice Bergeron to a 5 year/23.75 million dollar deal-
Everyone was waiting for this. The Bruins finally paid their man with a faithful heart. Bergy got his money and the Bruins their man. This was a good deal for both sides. The Bruins get a bargain for the type of player, remember he is only 22.
Overall Grade: A+

Signing Zdeno Chara to a 5 year/37.5 million dollar deal- Chara was the big fish out there, and Chiarelli snagged him. Getting Chara was part of the reason the Bruins hired him. Chara may be slightly overpaid, but the LA Kings offered 8 million and the Bruins needed to overpay in order to get him. Chara has been great this season, playing the point and the screen on the PP. He has played some great defense and has been a leader. He is the new captain and holds the team responsible. Chara has made some small blunders, but he was arguably the best defender on the team.
Overall Grade: B+/A-

Signing Shean Donovan to a 2 year/1.85 million dollar deal-
Donovan was supposed to be a speedy winger who would score around 15 goals, but is now more of a 3rd line winger who plays the PK well. He started off slow, but now is one of the top penalty killers on the team.
Overall Grade: B-

Signing Mark Mowers to a 2 year/825,000 deal-
Widely loved in Detroit, this was more of a Dave Lewis signing. Mowers has been a scape goat for some Bruins fans, but he has been a good penalty killer and is deceptively fast. He has played to expectations of Dave Lewis and those with prior knowledge to him, but to some he is a scape goat. He has had some untimely penalties lately.
Overall Grade: B+

Signing Jason York to a 1 year/500,000 deal- Is not the same guy as back in the late 90s. York hasn't played well and to most is a dead roster spot. Has been a healthy scratch of lately.
Overall Grade: C

Signing Bobby Allen to a 1 year/450,000 deal- A great addition to the blueline. Since his callup he has earned a spot on the team, and could be resigned after this season. The impending UFA has been one of the most consistant blueliners on the team.
Overall Grade: A

Signing Petr Tenkrat to a 1 year/525,000 deal- Tenkrat has improved since his days with Nashville. He has been a penalty killer and a great 4th liner. He is on pace for around 10 goals this season. Tenkrat has had timely goals this season.
Overall Grade: B+

Signing Nathan Dempsey and Wade Brookbank to 1 year/450,000 dollar deals- Neither are on the roster and both were just "fillers". Neither contributed much.
Overall Grade: C


Anonymous ben said...

sorry matt, heres how it should go
York- D-
Demspey,Brookbank- F-
Bergeron- B+
Allen- B-
Mowers- C
Tenkrat- C

You forgot the all mighty coach signing. Lewis 4 year deal gets a big F--------------

York just sucks. Dempsey and Brookbank both were outta here after like a month. Bergerons salary hurts the team next season. He could have been had at a lesser cap hit. Allen doesnt get much ice time, although he is a steady D-man. Mowers could have easily been replaced by any other guy in the league. He doesnt score and still plays 15 minutes a game. He is quick but there are many other players in the league who could have easily done a much better job. Tenkrat sucked up until this past month. Lewis refused to play him. So he gets a C.

11:44 AM  
Blogger number4bobbyorr said...

I pretty much agree with most of what you say Matt.

The people who are angry with Lewis are impatient AND don't understand hockey. Lewis hasn't finished the job yet, but there are lots of signs that things are on the upswing. Anyone who has paid attention all season should be able to see the improvement (special teams are obvious). I don't know if he can take this team all the way to their potential, but as long as things keep moving in the right direction, I for one am not going to be a jerk and criticise him just because he doesn't do things exactly as I would, as seen from the *outside*. That would be childish.

Yeah, I still wander in here from time to time despite my pledge otherwise, but I now only read Matt's posts. I don't always agree with him, but at least he writes like a grownup.

12:41 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

n4bo, Lewis does need some blame on not playing the youngsters, but now that he has, things seem better. You can't fault Lewis for the all the play of the team. It is hard for any coach to take a team with almost all new players and expect to be top of the East. Like you said, people who are angry with Lewis don't understand hockey.

3:04 PM  
Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

Matt, do not stereotype everyone with your last comment. I know plenty about hockey and I do not like Lewis at all. I didn't like the hiring from the beginning. I'll say it one more time for the nose bleed seats..... He did NOTHING in Detroit with a team already put together.
Yes, he is playing the youngsters more lately, but Axelsson is still wasting space on the 1st line. You put Axelsson back on the checking line with Mowers and Donovan, and play them against the top line of the opposing team, and the other team will have a tougher time. Kind of funny, Sullivan, Burns, and Keenan knew where to play PJ.
But, I have to admit.... i'd rather have Lewis then Pat Quinn!!

6:40 PM  

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