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Sunday, February 25, 2007

More on Sturm Signing

Sorry for the delay, getting back to schedule. My take on the Sturm signing.

4 years/14 million. 3.5 per. A great signing. Sturm, even though having a "slight off year" is still going to score almost 30 goals, and he is a proven player in the Bruins system. An issue with going out and finding another winger is that they may not fit into the system and then not play to expectations. Sturm was going to get around 4 in the open market, and he is in his prime right now. Sturm may have taken a small discount. He is not overpaid which many people think. In an era where Keith Tkachuk costs you 2 first rounders, I would rather overspend 250k. The longevity of the deal is also good, if Sturm can turn into a 35+ goal scorer, they get a real bargain.

Chiarelli seems to have a plan in mind for the future with these long term deals. Guys like Bergy, Savard, Kessel, Chara, Ference, the young guns, and now Sturm are here for the long haul. The key is to have the same nucleus of a team for a long time. See Buffalo, Detroit, and Colorado. The longer you have the same team the better, they get used to playing with eachother and will perform better. A main overlooked reason why the Bruins haven't faired so well is the overturn of the roster every season. They haven't had much of the same team from season to season. The Bruins will be contenders next year, and definately in '09.

Note: Since Sturm signed after January 1st, his cap hit of 3.5 per will not count this season, and will take effect in the 2007-08 season.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You got a source on that January 1st cap statement Matt?

In searching the CBA one can only find reference to January 1 and extensions in the following clause on page 215:

A Player who is party to a one-year SPC may not enter into an "extension" of such SPC prior to January 1 of the League Year covered by such SPC.

7:40 AM  

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