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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Updated Standings

The N.Y. Islanders beat the Montreal Canadiens today putting them in 7th and the Canadiens in 8th. Both teams are tied with 70 points, 6 more than the Bruins. Here is a look at some teams in front of the Bruins and the number of games remaining:

Pittsburgh-75 points - 22 games remaining
Ottawa-74 points - 21 games remaining
Atlanta-72 points - 19 games remaining
N.Y. Islanders -70 points - 20 games remaining
Montreal-70 points - 18 games remaining
Carolina-69 points - 19 games remaining
Toronto-67 points - 21 games remaining
N.Y Rangers-64 points - 21 games remaining

The Bruins have 64 points and also have 22 games remaining including tonight's game against Florida.


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