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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Heroes and Zeroes: 12/02/06

The winning streak ended, last night, as the B's suffered a second loss in 10 days to the Carolina Hurricanes 5-2. This game was pretty ugly defensively and Cam Ward was pretty solid to annihilate any chances of a comeback. Here's you Heroes and Zeroes for the last game.

-The entire D squad for their bad work. Too many giveaways, too many breakaways.
-Phil Kessel: - 3 for the game, Kessel will be in Lewis doghouse for... forever. Since that's a part of the process, Phil have to forget that one and focus on the next game.
-The PP unit: That's the second SH goal they give against Caroline. They have to protect the puck better.

-Cam Ward: He made the key saves when needed;killed any chances of a comeback for the B's.


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