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Thursday, November 30, 2006

What a Game! Tampa Bay Recap

Boston-4 OT/SO
Tampa Bay-3

Wowowow! What a exciting and entertaining game. I am still pumped from that shootout. Where to start? Two words, Tim Thomas. Clearly his best performance of the season and possibly of his career. He absolutely robbed Martin St. Louis on a shot in which Stuart turned the puck over and a one timer in the slot was ripped by St. Louis. He raised his stick thinking it was a goal. That save was one of the, if not the, best save I have ever seen, thats going to make SportsCenter. Thomas stopped all 8 shots he faced in the shoout. Thomas gets the number 1 star tonight.

Like I said earlier, the difference between a "great" goaltender and a "good" goaltender is the ability to steal a game from time to time. Well, Tim Thomas did just that tonight, robbing the Lightning of 2 points. Thomas, in my book right now, is a great goaltender.

Speaking of Phil "the thrill" Kessel, he scored the game winning goal in the shootout. Give it to the youngster. Lots of poise on that shot. Most rookies, especially at the age 19, would be nervous as hell. Kessel did not get many minutes tonight, but showed what he is made up when the spotlight is on him. A great boost of confidence.

The PJ Axelsson goal was great. Good to see shorthanded plays develop. That saucer pass had eyes and found its way to Axy's stick. Axy used all the strength he had to lunge toward the puch and deflect it over Denis's glove hand.

The Marc Savard, Glen Murray combo is a lot like the Thornton, Murray combo. The chemistry between these two has to be better than we expected and it is entertaining to watch. Savard had a great no look backhand pass to Murray, who scored in the one-timer to tie the game in the middle of the 3rd. Murray has seemed to be getting all the key goals of late and Savard continues to produce at a rapid pace. Savard is in the top 7 in the NHL in assists.

Brad Boyes had an excellent hand and eye cordination goal. Like I said earlier, this is what he needed to boost his confidence. He is riding a 3 game goal streak.

Patrice Bergeron's game has picked up of late. He is doing things well on all parts of the ice. The Sturm, Bergeron, Boyes line has picked up over the last month or so and it is great to see that line click. Bergeron was clearly the best player on the ice tonight, and it seems his slow start to the season has not affected him at all.

Zdeno Chara played about half the game once again and played stellar along with the rest of the defensive corp. Other than a the turnovers, one which caused a goal, they played well. They owe Tim Thomas for bailing them out. B Stuart seemed a little off tonight, but nothing to worry about.

Overall, great team win. The rally "helmets" the team uses in shootouts is funny and it is working to their advantage. The Bruins improve to 8-2 over the last 10 games.

3 Stars:
1. Tim Thomas
2. Patrice Bergeron
3. Vincent Lecavalier
HONORBALE MENTIONS: Phil Kessel, Zdeno Chara, Eric Perrin, Glen Murray, Martin St. Louis

Game Notes:
-Paul Mara was out with an "lower body injury" but is better than expected.
-Jason York was back in action after missing last game due to injury.

Goal Scorers:

Brad Biyes (6) from Bergeron (16) and Alberts (3)
PJ Axlesson (7) from Bergeron (17) and Chara (12)
Glen Murray (12) from York (2) and Savard (22)

SHOOTOUT: 1-8, Phil Kessel

Tampa Bay:
Eric Perrin (6) from Lecavalier (17)
Martin St. Louis (16) from Perrin (5)
Vincent Lecavalier (12) from Fedotenko (7) and Prospal (12)



Anonymous mack said...

Incredible. My boy Timmy T does it again. Latrappe, whenever you want to make a public apology for the mean things you wrote about Tim "Swiss Cheese" Thomas, I'll be more than happy to read it. He looked more like a big block of gouda tonight than swiss. Just kidding Latrappe. As for Kessel, I have to agree with Matt. I like the fact that they're bringing him along slowly. He may have the potential to be at the same level as Crosby and Ovechkin. But his talent level right now is no where close. But after the poise he showed tonight in that shootout I'm sure he'll see more ice on saturday night. All in all things seem to be coming along quite nicely. P.C not pulling the trigger when everybody else was panicing looks to be paying off.

10:35 PM  
Anonymous Joe Murphy said...

play phil kessel more. lewis is a stupid bum i hate the guy.

2:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

please play kessel more. i hate wayne primeau.

2:32 AM  
Blogger Latrappe said...

It was a great win but i will wait till the end of that current 5 games stretch ( ending with NJ ) before getting excited. The team is climbing the standing but all that great effort would mean nothing if they lose against Montrea, Toronto and NJ.

Adversity doesn't seem to be a problem anymore and the BBS line is starting to remove pressure for Savard's line. The B's are picking up as our excitemnt, i guess.

PS: For Thomas... wait for my Heroes/Zeroes

5:59 AM  
Blogger Doobie said...

I'll take the one-goal wins but is it too much to ask for a blowout every now and then?

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:36 AM  

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