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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Getting on board the Blog

Hey there B's fans!

Thought I'd give this a shot with Matt and the boys. A little about me? Bruins fan since the Neely trade, (used to be the Jets) I've been a long-suffering-yet-hopeful B-liever that this team
can go the distance. Looking forward to throwing out a rumour or dishing out something for discussion. Thanks for having me guys!

Speaking of which and since I already set this up, I find this to be something I'd like to get a few thoughts on:

Noticed a post about St. Louis possibly unloading their UFA's in the coming weeks. An interesting 27 year old for 27 year old swap that might help both players and both teams with a change, is Paul Mara for Canadian Olympian Eric Brewer. Although not a household name, Brewer can bring his hard-nosed style to the B's and be an excellent top four D-man ( His form
with Edmonton was top two d-man, if he can play towards that it would be good ). He doesn't have the numbers Mara has had in the past, but, neither does Mara now, and this also saves about a million in salary for Boston. With the cap going up next year, no doubt, and Stuart hopefully resigning, the future would be a little brighter in Beantown, at least from the
defense point of view.

There you go discuss, glad to contribute. Talk to you all soon!



Blogger Walshie said...

The Bruins have always liked Brewer. I would love to have Brewer he plays a very similar sytle to Brad Stuart with less offense. However, if the Blues are going to trade Brewer it's not going to be for Mara for a couple reasons. 1 Mara has another year on the books and if they want to unload a salary the Blues are better off letting Brewer walk end of the year. 2 the Blues will want younger players; prospects or draft choices.

1:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because they will try to re-sign Brad Stuart, i doubt that the B's would be active in the Brewer case. If you add that Mark Stuart and Lashoff will be very soon in the NHL, there's small chance that Brewer ends up with Beantown.

Mara could be dealt for sure and. There's a couple of takers outthere but i don't klnow what would be the return. One thing for sure, Having Mark Stuart and Lashoff in our blueline cannot be worst then to have Mara and York... I think we have to pass on Brewer. Let'S look for #1 goaltender and focus on re-sign Brad Stuart.

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll take Brewer. He's pretty well known up in Canada. More so than Mara for sure.

Nice to meet a fellow NS Bruins fan! Come over and visit me on my blog.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Scotianuck said...

Good points for sure from Walshie and Latrappe. It might be the B's don't make a move at all. I'm happy as things are right now. It will take time for this team to develop and The staff are doing a bang up job. Not sweating the losses just moving forward. I think Chara and Savard signing really infused this team. Savard is a character. :)

Stuart NEEDS to be resigned and a third or fourth blue-liner would be nice to fall back on especially in the new NHL. The deadline is not to far now. We will see what PC does. But a goalie Latrappe? Dunno about that. You wouldn't get much quality anymore. Most teams that have will stay with what they do. The teams that want will be without. I can't see anyone traded to Boston in terms of a goalie. Not this year at any rate. Improve from within. That's the plan for this year.

Treebob where is your blog to? Gimme a shout!

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since there is no email for you listed, I will comment here.

You can click on my name or you can go here.

7 more days I will be back in glorious Nova Scotia!

10:25 PM  

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