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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Heroes and Zeroes: 12/13/06

Sometimes, good faith is not enough. The team showed for a 40 min effort and the result was predictable. Those games happend. The team have to focus on the next game but, for now, here's your heroes and zeroes for the last game.

- Hannu Toivonnen: He looked calm and kept his team in the game until Chara's brutal giveaway. HT looked like the 2005 version. Very encouraging.
- The DMP line: Disciplined, they brought energy and gritz. A very good game from their part.

-Zdeno Chara: A brutal giveaway in the third who lead to Samsonov's goal. On the 4th goal, he was beaten, in his 1 on 1 battle, by a rookie. There's no way Latendress should have won that battle.
-Jason York: He looked slow and miss lots of coverage. Soon or later, something would have to happend.
-Officiating: It was brutal and lots of " ghost " penalties were called. How on earth Alberts can took a penalty for playing his men. It's getting more and more ridiculous...


Blogger Joe Murphy said...

Jason York scored a goal which means Lewis will never take him out of the lineup now.

12:53 PM  

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