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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How to Replace Kessel in the Lineup

Phil Kessel might be out of action for quite some time unfortunately. It will be difficult to put a time table on a condition such as this. Meanwhile, Yan Stastny has been recalled and will take the place of Kessel. Stastny is a good option as a checking line center or winger. However, if P.J. Axelsson continues to miss time due to injury, I believe the Bruins will need to call up an offensive minded winger or center. As I posted yesterday, the Bruins have some great young talents in Providence, with Kris Versteeg and David Krecji, as the overall point leaders. The Bruins will definitely need offensive help in the near future, and now is the time to give one of the youngsters an opportunity. It will be interesting to see what Lewis and PC come up with, they could do what we all expect them to do and that is just replace Stastny with Kessel on the 4th line. But do not forget we have Jeff Hoggan as a winger, who recieves about 5 minutes of ice time a night, and now with the addition of Stastny, our 4th line will be Chistov-Stastny-Hoggan. Not the greatest offensive tandem. That would put more pressure on Primeau's line to play even more. They will probably not be able to consistently contribute offensively, which means we could have two lines not providing much offense. Also, the Bruins may now explore the option of going after Jason Allison, who is still a free agent and still looking to sign with a team. If they could get him for a 1 million dollar cap hit, then it is worth the risk.


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