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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bruins Defense

The Bruins defense definitely needs some help. Chara, Alberts, and Brad Stuart are all good defensemen, who play pretty consistently on a nightly basis. I love what all three of them bring to the game. Stuart is a great defenseman and I hope we resign him. Alberts, gotta love the hits he throws. He is always looking to drill someone. Mara, York, and Jurcina have all looked very shaky this season. Jurcina has played well as of late and continues to improve on his game. I think he could be a very solid number 5 defenseman in this league, as long as he is not afraid to throw a few hits. Mara, on the other hand, looks awful. Since his return from his thigh bruise and even before he got injured, he has looked completely lost. If the Bruins could somehow trade him and get rid of his 3 million dollar cap hit then they could make a move to address a different need. York, 7 of the last 10 games he has appeared in has finished with a -1. He looks so bad on many shifts, especially when he is paired with Jurcina. He is a veteran with a lot of experience, but he is also injury prone ( I believe he injured his knee in the last game, but returned later)and very inconsistent. He has no shot and brings nothing to the table offensively. I posted last week about Matt Lashoff and that I believe they should give him an opportunity and I still feel that way. He has been very good for the Baby B's and recieves regular ice time on the first PP and PK. In only 17 games he currently has 5 goals 6 assists, with 3 of his goals coming on the powerplay. I know he is only 20 years old but he would be an upgrade over Mara or York. Put him with Brad Stuart and they could be a very solid 2nd pairing behind Chara and Alberts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. I always though that the first task for an organisation was to put on the ice the best product. Right now, Lewis is playing a dangerous game where he justify playing time for his veterans without having anything to back him. He set a double standard and it can cause some troubles.

I was a bit shock to see that Stuart was send down without any return date. Yes, they send him down to give him some ice time but his ice time should be in Beantown not in Providence. York is an NHL veteran and he suppose to showed that his experience can help the team. Right now, it's not the case. He's slow, give the puck away and his coverage is not accurate. So, in that regard, do Lashoff or Stuart would be worst then York? Yes, you have to protect your kids but they are in the part of process where they have to see some NHL action to developp themself.

Stuart and Lashoff showed me that they can handle the NHL. Both of them never looked foolish on the ice. In fact, Stuart and Lashoff looked better then York or Mara which is serious problem. I don't understand the move but i guess i'm not the only here..

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

opps delete one of the post. I though that it was something wrong...

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