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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tonight's Lineup

Tonight's lineup will be the same except that Paul Mara is skating and Mark Stuart is a healthy scratch. York and Stuart both have looked bad this season. York is getting the nod tonight because he is a veteran and Mark Stuart is only in his second NHL season(first full). Look for a rotation of Stuart and Jurcina as the 6th defenseman for the next few games. Eventually, if York does not play himself out of a job, look for Stuart to be sent back to Providence to get more ice time and experience, and because he is the only defenseman who has a two-way contract. Also, it would give the Bruins cap room, since his cap hit on this season is 1.58 million (.942K salary + incentives). Incentives even if they are not reached, count against the cap. Kessel and Stuart are the only two players on the roster right now that are eligible for incentives. The rest of the lineup for tonight:



Also look for the Primeau line to get a lot of ice time again. They scored two goals last game and Lewis seems to be in love with this line (which sucks by the way).


Blogger Latrappe said...

I cannot believe Mark Stuart is a healthy scratch. There's no way York is better. Last game, he was -3 after two period and luckely finished with a -1. I just wonder if they young guys will be able to develop themself under Lewis coaching...

5:27 PM  
Blogger Joe Murphy said...

Thats the thing. Lewis will not go with the young guys. I dont know when hes going to wake up, but I have a feeling Stuart and Jurcina will both lose out on ice time to York, who has been absolutely awful. But Stuart really hasn't been that great himself either, def a better option than York though.

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Duck, here comes a rant: A lot of you guys commenting are pretty shallow and fickle in your player assesments. York has had some good games. In fact, in the last game against the Leafs he played very well. But it seems like some of you guys see a bad game or two and after that a player can do no right no matter what.

I also cannot comprehend how you guys can second guess the coach when it comes to who plays and who doesn't. Come on! He has a lot more information that you do. This team is improving with just about every game, so it's not like he's an obvious loser. Sheesh!

It's one thing to say you'd like to see a player get more ice time and quite another to claim the coach must be an idiot or that he "needs to wake up" just because he doesn't agree with your expert assesment. A little humility please!

6:27 PM  
Blogger Joe Murphy said...

I'm not trying to call the coach an idiot. I believe when the Bruins play better teams which can skate then they will need more physical defensemen. York has played good in some games, but recently he has looked very bad. As I said before Stuart hasn't played that well either. The flaw with Lewis is he tends to always lean towards the veterans, even when they might not be the best options.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The flaw with Lewis..."


1:23 AM  

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