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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Toronto: 12/7/06

An important division matchup. Toronto is only 3 points ahead of us. The Bruins could gain a "4 point swing" if they win. The division is very tight, but it looks like Buffalo, at this rate, will easily take the division. We are looking at 2nd place right now. If we want to accomplish that goal, we need to take all the division games hard. It will be at the Garden tonight, hopefully giving us some advantage. For anyone going to the game, make some noise! Seeing what the Habs fans do, it helps out the team when the crowd is behind the team. I wish it were the days when the Garden was sold out and the fans went crazy over everything. We need that fan grit back!

Keys to winning:
-Don't let McCabe work the PP.
-Beat Razor, glove side.
-Let Thomas rest some.
-Absolutely tire the Leafs out with forecheck.



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