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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

NHL's Biggest Steal's: Justin Williams

Drafted in 2000 by Philadelphia and traded for D Danny Markov in 2004; Justin Williams is my choice for the NHL's Biggest Steal's. Known for his speed,gritz and hard work; Williams is turning into a scoring threat for the Carolina Hurricanes and played an important role in their 2005 Stanley Cup run. Williams started his offensive career slowly adding only 25, 40 and 24 points in his first 3 seasons. He start to emerge in 2004,when he was traded, and had a 64 points season. The lockout could have kill his momentum but au contraire ! Williams become a very dangerous forward in 2005 with a 76 points performance ( 31 goals and 45 assists) and seems to keep the same pace, this year, as he manage to produce 27 points in 28 games. Apart his scoring touch, Williams is a very good " all around " player who can play in many situations without harming his team. The Carolina Hurricanes manage to land an important player to their team without giving a lot in return. A pure steal !


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