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Friday, December 15, 2006

For How Long?

The B's collected another 2 points, last night, and quite frankly, they are in a better position then ever to make that precious playoffs run. The B's have betweem 1 to 4 games in hand on teams in front of them and they collected 6 out of 10 possible points in their last 5 games stretch. Very good indeed.

But, i think we have to wonder about the way this team is playing defensively. I know that lots of you have raised that point but it seems to me that this aspect of the game will be the decisive factor regarding the team's playoffs chance. Right now, the B's have a respectable D corps: Chara and Brad Stuart are legitimate #1 and 2 D-man; Alberts is playing great and Mara is, well, Mara. When i look at it; this blueline should have been better in his own end. So, what's the problem? The players? The system?

I don't have the knowledge to judge the defensive system but it seems to me that there's a problem. The zone coverage is pretty bad and how many time we have seen a player, alone in the slot, aiming at our goaltenders? I mean, this team is giving away the puck on a constant base and it cost them a lot; but not enough, i guess. Right now, everything is fine: They collect points and they win. But those giveaways will cost them a max against stronger teams like Buffalo, Detroit or Nashville. If it's not the system, that's the players, right? Our defensemans seems unable to apply the system that Lewis is trying to implant. It is a lack of talent or hockey sense? Honnestly, i don't know. But i can't believe that, with a #1 and #2 defenseman in our lineup, we are killing ourselves, in our own end; nights in, nights out.

Yes, the team is winning and they are pilling up the points. But i'm still worried. Worried that those bad defensive habits will lead to a late meltdown. A meltdown who can be very disappointing for fans who are eager for some playoffs excitements. But, for now, they are getting results and that's the most important thing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was hoping to find a fellow fan who was really excited about the B's big win over an elite team yesterday. Yet all I find here is more complaining! I guess I'll have to look elsewhere.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

#4... The point here is not to remove credit from the team. They got the 2 points but we have to be honnest too: NJ send their backup goaltender. Brodeur is a high quality keeper and the result might have been different with him between the pipes; especially if you consider that the team barely beat Clemmensen, last night...

5:15 PM  

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