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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Axelsson Update

From the Herald:
Axelsson, out since Nov. 30 with a hairline fracture on the top of his left foot, skated yesterday but did not venture a guess as to when he might return to the lineup.
“We’re just going to take it day to day,” Axelsson said. “If we set a timetable and something happens in between, then I’ll just get (angry).”
Axelsson skated for about 10 minutes before practice, went to the locker room to have his foot taped, then came back out for another short spin. He favored the foot while on the ice and put it back in a protective boot afterward.
“We’ll get back on the ice (today) and go from there, I guess,” said Axelsson, who’ll skate on his own today at TD Banknorth Garden
Hopefully P.J. can get back with the team shortly. It seems like every single season he goes through similar situations. He will play, then get hurt and then come back too early, which results in an injury which is worse than it was originally.


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