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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Where the Bruins Rank

After 29 games played, the Bruins are currently 12th in the Eastern Conference with 32 points. The are within 1 point of three teams and 2 points of the Stanley Cup winning Hurricanes. They are also within 4 points of the number 5 seed (New Jersey Devils) in the East. The Bruins have 2 games in hand on most of these teams as well. Therefore, I believe the Bruins will make the playoffs. They probably will get the 7th or 8th overall seed. Marc Savard has been great this season, he ranks 15th in the league in points and 5th in assists. Patrice Bergeron is starting to break out, he had a great game against the Devils the other night and he is ranked 29th in the league in points. If the Sturm-Bergeron-Boyes trio continue to play well then the Bruins definitely have a shot at making the playoffs. We may need some more offense from our 3rd and 4th lines, but I believe we have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs this season.


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