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Friday, November 03, 2006

Buffalo Recap: 11/2/06

Ok, this was awful to watch, atleast the last 6 minutes of it. When the Bruins were leading 4-1, I thought the game was sealed and dealed. But then Afinaginov scored, 4-2 with 6 minutes left, I thought it was sure a 99% chance of a win. Then the Sabres potted two goals in about 1 minute from eachother, game tied, Kessel had a chance in OT, no dice, lose in shootout.

No blame goes to Tim Thomas. He played a great game, and it was the team's lack of skating in the final 5 minutes that made them lose. You can't go into a defensive shell, even with a 3 goal lead. That's was separates Buffalo from the Bruins. They never give up. Tough game to watch, but one day we'll be on the winning side of one of those games.

Shootout. Why the hell did Axlesson shoot 2nd? Why are the Bruins so bad at them? Some things Lewis needs to work on.

PS. Did anyone else get this weird feeling we'd blow the game once Afinaginov scored his 2nd goal?


Anonymous fatmike said...

Worst coach in the NHL-Dave Lewis. After 10 games finally put the line back together. Why are Boyes and Bergeron playing the point on the PP. Your two best playmakers, along with Savard, why are they at the point they should be down low.
Why is PJ on the #1 line and on the #1 PP and shooting 2nd in the shootout? Come on now, he has no offensive skills what so ever. Put him back on the "checking line" as he likes to call it. Why does York always seem to play even when we have a better healthy defenseman on the bench (Jurcina). Why is he trying to play Mowers, Brookbank and Hoggans terrible ass more than they should be used. They add nothing what so ever. Sit Hoggan please hes awful to watch. Why not have Kessel center Savard and Murray? PC please trade PJ and get something half decent for him. while your at it same with Mara. And then kick Hoggan, Mowers, Stastny, York, and Demspey to the curb and call up Kalus and Karsums and put them on the 3rd line with Kessel and put Brookbank-Primeau-Donovan as your 4th line. NO WONDER WHY LEWIS WAS FIRED BY THE BEST TEAM (DETROIT) IN THE LEAGUE AND ASSIGNED TO BE A SCOUT FOR THE NEXT YEAR AND A HALF. NO WONDER HE HAD ZERO, YES ZERO INTERVIEWS IN THAT TIME.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Latrappe said...

They lose momentum after that second goal. The whole team was panicking and Lewis should have called a timeout after the 3rd goal. I agree about the shootout selection; it was a bit weird.

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Come on now, he has no offensive skills what so ever."

He scored the most important goal--his second in two games--you blathering idiot.

5:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Did anyone else get this weird feeling we'd blow the game once Afinaginov scored his 2nd goal?"

I did, but I had to run off after the second period and noticed when I got home to watch the recording of the 3rd that the game had run long (like shootout long). So I wasn't as surprised (and not as upset) as a lot of people.

I came away from the game thinking: wow this team can play with anyone! Believe it or not, I'm really excited about the future of this team. But then, I'm not one of those sports fans who lives just to throw fits, be endlessly critical, and isn't happy unless he's and upset all the time... I think those people need to get lives; like actually *playing* a sport instead of just complaining about those who do.

5:56 PM  

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