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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fan Blog-A View From the Lodge Boxes

By Chris Bell

So Rick DiPietro has signed a 15 year dear according to I have a question, are Charles Wang and Garth Snow out of there minds? Sure he plays well against Florida and Boston, but he's no Martin Broduer or even an Andrew Raycroft. Should Cam Ward get 80 million since his team won the cup last year? Oh I forgot old Pete owns that club. This contract is a slap in the face to every guy who never got there due. Your paying a guy for his glove and his legs. He's so short if he gets screened he's beaten 70 maybe 80 percent of the time. Maybe this fits there business model but he's not tradable if he flops. Given the lack of direction of the ownership group, that's very likely. They paid Alex Yashin on potential the same can be said for DiPietro, when at times both were booed out of the Nassau Coliseum at times last year.

Sorry for the rant. Now to my top 8 in each conference.

1. Carolina-best coach, most balanced club in all areas
2. Tampa- Richards, Vinny and St. Louis are the fastest forwards in the league, also Dan Boyle. What can you say?
3 New Jersey-just consistent and with Broduer in goal, the system leads to wins
4. Rangers-Jagr, Shanahan and a big pocketbook will lead them to the playoffs.
Buffalo- Miller and Chris Drury come up big.
5. Senators- Well rounded in all areas.
6. Montreal- Just fast and Gainey makes them better. Koivu and Sammy drive them.
7. Atlanta-kolvalchuk and Hartley make Atlanta rise again.
8. Maple Leafs- Sundin and Raycroft lead the way.

-Hurricanes beat the Rangers in 7. Grit and guts outweigh money, Staal becomes an even bigger leader.

1. San Jose-Patrick Marleau m.v.p.
2. Blues- Gurein, Legacy and Weight make a huge difference .
3 Detroit- the Rangers of the East and they can really play.
4. Nashville- Sullivan and Vokoun make them push forward.
5. Calgary- Jerome drives them.
6. phoenix -Wayne gets his team to buy in.
7. Denver - two things, Joe Sakic and fan support.
8. LA- tough and gritty.

Sharks unseat the Canes winning on the road in a beautiful series.

I'm a Bruins fan but they're years away in my opinion. Enjoy the season everyone.


Blogger Nfld77 said...

Tampa- Richards, Vinny and St. Louis are the fastest forwards in the league, also Dan Boyle. What can you say?
How about: Denis is their #1 goaltender with no playoff experience..I know about Cam Ward, but how often does that happen??

Leafs finish 8th led by Sundin and Raycroft.
Montreal led by Koivo and Samsonov..

Your Leaf comment is really laughable..As for the habnots, how many games will Sammy play before he breaks a finger nail and misses 2 months and Is Saku even ready after the terrible eye injury..
I'm far from convinced your really a Bruin at heart..We have so much of a chance as anyone making the post season and how the hell is the Leafs better than us???
This is way to laughable..

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Overall good predictions. However, I don't think Detroit will do better then Nashville at all. But they will make the playoffs considering the divison they're in. I'd say Nashville should be up in the top 2.

Also, New J will not and I repear will not finish in 3rd place. And 2nd it is impossible for Carolina and Tampa to have the top 2 seeds as they play in the same division, just to let you know. As for the Leafs they will finish ahead of ATL and TBL, depending on their offense and goaltending.

10:25 PM  
Blogger Latrappe said...

Agreed Nfld.

Montreal, Toronto, Atlanta and the Rangers are surely not better then B's at this point. I'm sure the B's will secure a playoff spot because the team is , now, well balanced. Of course, you can make improvements through the season but the B's is the team who has been the most pro-active in the off season and that's why i think they will play a first round...

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not worried about you dissing the Bruins. Anyone who picks Tampa ahead of Ottawa and Buffalo is already discredited.

10:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even though i'm not a fan of Boston, I believe they have improved enough to secure a spot in the playoffs. Their goaltending is the only thing stopping them, they need consistency from both Thomas and Toivonen. Whether or not they will finish ahead of my fav. team, Toronto, will depend on the offense and Raycroft (if he can go back to his Calder winning form). Boston will absolutely finish ahead of Tampa, you put them WAY to high in your preditctions.

10:29 PM  
Blogger Latrappe said...

Regarding Wang... Some people will never learn. Yashin made the Isles pay for the 10 yers contract they gave himand now, they do the same mistake again. This kind of contract is a poison for an organisation. Do you really think the Isles will do their homework on goaltending now they have a kepper for the next 15 years... What will happend if Dipietro suffer a career ending injury??? What will happend if both sides decide to wrestle up an issue?? Wang should be dismiss from his position and forced to see the team... Totally ridiculous !!!

10:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you kidding st louis in 2nd place haha what a moron you are

10:36 PM  
Blogger BomberDrz said...

Why is it when other teams make big off season changes they are going to be #1 in the league no matter how bad they were the year before but when the Bruins make big changes they are always "a couple years away" from making the playoffs? Last year every season prediction i read had Pittsburgh making the playoffs after signing a bunch of over the hill players and we know how that worked out. the rangers are great now for signing 1 top six foward? Most of the teams mentioned are the same teams listed at the top every year. At this point teams like New Jersey, that everyone says will be in the top 4 in the east every season, have only one place to go down with no improvments, unsigned players and an aging goalie. The Bruins are the ultimate in offseason success and are still treated like it's '95 and Sinden is in charge.

11:05 PM  
Blogger Nfld77 said...

I can't agree with you more!!
No only negativity from fans of other teams, but the majority being our very own Bruin fans..
We have an ever-growing crop of good young talent including the 4 K's, 2 hobey Baker nominees, Matt Lashoff, Mark Stuart, Tobin, Pellitier, and Turrku Rask{quoted as being the best goalie outside the NHL}
We have two outstanding young guns in Bergeron and Boyes compimented with Marcu Sturm..Murray, with Savard on his line may score 40 and we have one of the best checking lines in the league lead by PJ Axelson..
We signed the most coveted player this summer in Chara and have the likes of B. Stuart and Mara along with the rest of the defence..
Our goaltenders may be unproven but they may very well compliment each other just fine..If they don't, our GM will not sit on his butt and do nothing like MOC did..
Addition by Subtraction?? You Better believe it..Goodbye Gill, Lacature, Langfield, and the rest of the litter..
Hell, we'll be fine in my opinion..

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sit around and do nothing like mike oc????? in my oppinion Oc tinkered too much with last years team and never gave it a chance to form any sort of chemistry..

7:56 AM  

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