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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Islanders Sign DiPietro for 15 Years

The New York Islanders have announced they have signed their goalie Rick DiPietro to a 15 year deal worth $67,500,000. It is the second longest North American pro sport contract in history. The deal will play him an average of 4.5 million dollars a season.

*I don't like this deal at all. If anyone remembers, this same offer came up last year, and DiPietro rejected it. I don't think he is worth 4,500,000 a season. Also if DiPietro doesn't improve, the Isles will be screwed. I don't know what Wang was thinking. Obviously for DiPietro, this is a great deal. He guarantee's he will make 67.5 million in his career even if he sucks or retires. But, if DiPietro improves dramatically, it will screw him over as he could have made more money in the market, but in the end it will probably be better money-wise he signed this deal. What is with the Isles and long long term deals, aka Yashin. Didn't they learn already? Guess not.

Latrappe's Take- I don't know about this one. I was never a huge fan of those lengthy contracts since Yashin proved to everyone that it can be dangerous (production wise) and expensive. I must add, if things don't work out between DiPietro and the Isles, he will be basically undtradable.


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