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Monday, November 27, 2006

Site Milestone

The site is currently closing in on 35,000 views in its lifetime. I want to thank all of you for your support and keeping the comments coming in. Great to hear your opinions and everyone here at Bruinsrumors appreciates it. Keep spreading the word and thank you again for the support.


Blogger nash said...

Anonymous said...
theres no rush when your goalies suck. theres no rush when ur defense sucks? theres no rush when your offense isnt clicking? theres no rush when you beat shitty teams who arent and shitty teams only? neb your a retard go have some more bumsex.

Your post makes no sense. There are no *shitty* teams in the National Hockey League which showcases the best that the WORLD has to offer night in and night out. Unless your team (whatever that is cause it ain't the Bruins) isn't included in this group... your call.

Yes, my team the Bruins should *rush* and get hosed on a deal when they would have to give up the farm to entice a trade, that, may not help the team anyways? Nice. You don't get this, that's your problem and has nothing to do with Neb! Maybe, you should have posted that you don't understand the post, instead of making yourself out to be, exactly what most of us now consider you to be?

Hey Annie Nonymous! Quit the slander, it's not worth getting bent outta shape over. Getting personal on someone doesn't get your point across. It only shows you don't have much upstairs if you gotta resort to attacks instead of trying to make sense of something.

Man, if you can't stop then you might need help, anger management or something. It might also be because you are young, and if that is the case, you've got some important lessons to learn, you do not talk to people like you did.

Otherwise, I'm shocked that this was allowed to post considering the previous posts regarding this topic were specific that these weren't to happen. I won't be coming back. This will be my last visit, I hope you all get your issues resolved and get back to talking Bruins Hockey which is what I thought this was all about.

Annie, good luck at whatever it is you are off to do, because debating and enjoying hockey / being a hockey fan, aren't two of them.

If this posts great, if not, oh well, don't bother responding to this cause I won't be around to read it. Latrappe, Walshie, Neb and the true Bruins fans that do come to this group, thanks for the interesting reads, maybe I'll see you somewhere else in cyberspace,


7:57 AM  

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